4 Hour Captain Cook Snorkel


Snorkel Kealakekua Bay, home of the Captain Cook Monument

Award winning 4 hour raft and snorkel! Visit one of Hawaii’s premier snorkel spots with incredible visibility and calm conditions. Includes all snorkel gear, high quality silicone masks, Rx masks, fins, float boards or vests and detailed instruction. Kealakekua Bay is full of Hawaiian history and the events will be recounted by the crew while you enjoy our tropical snack of fresh pineapple and fruit, chips, cookies and assortment of refreshing soft drinks.

Our destination is Kealakekua Bay Marine Preserve and the site of the Captain Cook Monument. Our captains are experts at spotting pods of dolphins, humpback whales and other marine mammals and Zodiac rafts are the best way to see them. 

Our captains are experts at spotting pods of dolphins, humpback whales and other marine mammals and Zodiac rafts are the best way to see them. Get ready for close up views of the sea caves, lava tubes, blowholes and archways as you explore the rugged coastline. Learn about the geology that continues to form of the islands.

Zodiac Hurricane RHIB’s are fast and highly maneuverable so we can give you an exciting ride. This is our original tour that we have run for over 30 years, so hold on tight for the adventure of a lifetime!

What to bring: Wear swim suits, bring towels, light cover up, sun protection (including sunscreen, hats or visors and sunglasses) and cameras.

Transportation is not included to get to this tour.

  • All snorkel gear, high quality silicone masks, Rx masks, fins, float boards or vests with detailed instruction
  • Tropical snack of fresh pineapple and fruit, chips, cookies 
  • Assortment of refreshing soft drinks
Time 8:15am or 12:45pm
Check-in is at 8:00am or 12:30pm
Duration 4 hours
Location Honokohau Harbor, Kona

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Cancellation Policy

100% refundable if cancelled at least 72 hours before check-in. Changes or cancellations should be made through the modify or cancel buttons on your booking confirmation.

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Due to the bouncy nature of our ride however, we do not allow any persons with back or neck problems or pregnant ladies

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- Oct 2019 -


Amanda, Capt. Rick, and Will made my last day on the Big Island one for the books! From the booking process to the boat tour to the snorkeling, the 4-hour trip was one that I will always remember. Rick and Will were incredibly insightful, funny, and kind, making all the passengers feel welcome, safe, and included. I absolutely recommend this tour to anyone traveling solo, in a group, or even with kids. It is a great experience full of marine life and fun facts! Mahalo, Amanda, Rick, and Will!

- Aug 2019 -

katie H

This was one of the highlights of the vacation! We went with Rick & Zolton. They were entertaining and had so much Information. We saw tons of dolphins, and even a whale and some goats on land. We learned about the islands, got snorkeling before all the boats got there, and went and saw some caves and historical landmarks on the big island. I HIGHLY recommend this tour. The boats are more fun, and give you a true experience. Go on this tour if you’re looking for snorkeling and seeing the dolphins! It’s 4 hours, so make sure you bring suntan lotion and a hat with a lanyard (the boats do go fast, and it is a little bumpy If it’s wavy). Had a blast, and would definitely do this again next time I visit!

- Mar 2019 -


Captain Rick and First Mate Devonte were professional, helpful, chock full of knowledge and just plain fun to hang out with for our 5 hour trip. We saw Sperm and Pilot whales, Spinner dolphins, and the snorkeling was stunningly beautiful. We signed up for the 5 hour trip that included lots of stops for sight seeing, light lunch and 2 snorkel swims in Kealekekua Bay. Some recommendations for your planning. Take Bonine - the raft bounces, a lot. Seas were calm on the way to the Bay (Devonte called conditions the “Pacific Lake”) but on the way back things get choppy. Also apply lots of sunscreen and keep applying especially after getting out of the water. Biggest challenge that we thought we would face would be getting into the raft from the water but some coaching from Captain Rick and I was able to easily haul my 6’ 4” frame out with no problems. Really appreciate the strong safety oriented approach of our Captain and First Mate. Constantly keeping an eye on the ocean, slowing to inquire if a diver far out from shore was OK, checking all the time that we were holding on to grip points (and giving us small breaks to rest our hands from echoing), and maintaining safe distances from the shoreline and pounding surf (unlike a party boat that seemed to be tempting fate for as close as he was going to the shore). Just a fantastic day and a wonderful ending to our Kona week. Show less