Molokini and Turtle Arches

Why We Love It -  Fun for the whole family! Swim with green sea turtles and experience Maui's top snorkel destination.

Visit Molokini Crater, a top snorkeling destination, followed by a swim with the sea turtles at Turtle Arches

Molokini is an iconic and stunning crescent-shaped crater near Maui. The gorgeous reef is well-known for its clear and clean waters, colorful fish, abundant coral, as well as resting seabirds. This is a protected conservation region and you can only access the volcanic crater by boat in the presence of a tour operator.

Turtle Arches is a great snorkeling location with deepwater lava arch formations and where turtles are frequently sighted. You will snorkel under the guidance of experts who will guide you to the best spots. You will also enjoy a continental breakfast and a scrumptious BBQ lunch.

  • Certified marine naturalists onboard
  • Premium snorkel gear, including optical masks for eyeglass wearers
  • Snorkeling instructions and flotation devices
  • Two snorkel sites
  • Onboard junior naturalist program for kids
  • Reef-safe sunscreen (Important for the preservation of the reef’s ecosystem) and filtered water available onboard
  • Full-color marine wildlife poster
  • Delicious continental breakfast including assorted pastries, banana bread, fresh island fruits, Maui coffee, and juices
  • Lunch including garden burgers, chicken breasts, hot dogs, veggie salad, potato salad and chocolate chip cookies
  • Beverages include unlimited juice and soda and one alcoholic drink. Alcoholic drinks include beer from the Maui Brewing Company, wine, or cocktails. Extra refills and additional alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.
  • Ultra smooth, state-of-the-art and double-deck catamaran (65 feet)
  • Sunbathing areas with a spacious interior cabin
  • Galley with bar and serving area
  • Stainless steel BBQ
  • Freshwater shower,  separate bathrooms for men and women
  • Certified for 149 passengers; we limit to 130
  • Available for rent on board are wet suit shirts, underwater cameras, and binoculars
Time 7:00 am
Check-in is 45 minutes prior to departure
Duration 5 hours
Location Maalaea

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Cancellation Policy

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Alcohol Policy
Alcoholic beverages are limited to three drinks per adult 21+ on our cruises where alcohol is available. Alcoholic beverages on snorkel cruises are served only after the snorkeling portion of the trip has been completed. You must show valid picture ID if you wish to consume any alcohol.

Fine Print
All activities are at your own risk. All reservations are non-refundable and changes are not permitted within 48 hours prior to the scheduled check-in. Check-in is at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. All no-shows are non-refundable. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel due to weather, sea state or other exigent circumstances at the discretion of the Captain. Destinations, menus, vessels and equipment subject to change without notice. 

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Review Summary
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- Apr 2018 -

Amy Angradi

During our trip to Maui we took the Molokini and Turtle Arches charter to see the humpback whales. We loved the experience so much a few days’ later we used them for a snorkel trip to Molokini Crater. The Molokini and Turtle Arches is extremely committed to educating passengers about the ocean and sea life. The naturalists on board we’re extremely knowledgeable and made the experience memorable. They guarantee you will see whales and they knew just where to find them. One of the highlights of our trip!

- Feb 2018 -

Tom Dimond

We had a great day whale watching with an ethical company. We were recommended this company due to their hard work they do outside the tours. The tour is a great way to keep the foundation going and a very enjoyable experience. One of our highlights on Maui. Very informative guide and the boat had plenty of room to view the Wales from every side. If you don’t get sea sick- try to grab a table at the front for the best spot

- Apr 2018 -

Annlan Tran

This is the only non profit organization that helps whales and ocean research. They served lunch from Threes Bar & Grill; pulled pork and chicken sliders with their signature guava BBQ sauce. The fruit was fresh, the ocean was amazing, we saw whales slapping their fins, and one actually swam about 15-20 feet from our boat! Heading back the captain turned off the engine and put up the sails so we coasted back to port. We were lucky to see whales this late in the season! They recommend going in February during peak whale season.

- May 2018 -

Tiffany Janisse

Great guides. Very knowledgeable. I got sick and they were very attentive and sweet. We saw lots of neat sea life. There were eels, octopus, sea turtles, and others seen by guest on my trip. You can rent a GoPro for $40 and keep the 16gb. memory card after the trip. 6000 plus pictures available on the card, so way more than enough to get everything in! Food was great and the staff was Ah-MA-ZING. Definitely recommend!

- Mar 2018 -

Ken Miles

Great place to go whale watching. This is a non profit that puts its funds back into the community. We saw quite a few humpback whales while on our 2 hour excursion and we even saw a baby humpback. The crew was polite, informative and fun. The captain did what he could to minimize the rocking of the boat while putting us in the best position for viewing whales.

- May 2018 -

Jennifer Karim

My family and I did the sunset tour from 530pm-730pm. It was a lovely ride from the start. The crew were so polite and the ukulele player was wonderful. He gave us a bunch of information about the 5 islands that were in view from where our boat was coasting. The food was pretty good for being a heavy appetizer on a boat kind of a deal. It’s good for kids as we took our very excited 4 year old with us and he did great. The boat is safe and plenty of spaces to sit and relax and watch the sunset. Would highly recommend if you are looking to go on a boat ride during your stay. The photos I posted are all different times of the evening and none are color corrected.

- Mar 2018 -

Tracy Johnston

My family very much enjoyed our whale sighting trip. The crew was fun and very informative. They found whales quickly. We were able to see multiple whales (2 different species even) as well as dolphins. I really enjoyed that they put the sonar equipment in the water so we could hear them communicating. Great trip!

- Apr 2018 -

Brandon Zoras

This is a well organized company. The moment you book you get details such as where to park for free, online booking, email waivers was easy and staff were super friendly at the store. We had 18 people on a boat that holds 90 so it was so nice to spread our. We went near the end of whale season so saw a few whales and one baby that was flipping around on its back. The crew were super nice and knowledgeable. You also got complementary drinks on the boat. It was a nice two hours on the water. The only thing I didn’t care for was when you get off the dock there is a person selling you a photo of you getting on the ship, I guess some people are into that so an ok option for them.

- Apr 2018 -

Karyn Pugliese

I have done this twice and would do it again. Try to avoid windy days. You can usually book same day even during the busy season. They find whales fast. They can't take you too close by law, but if the whales get curious, they will swim up to the boat -they call it "getting mugged" then. by law, the boat can't move. We got "mugged" the first time I did the trip - the whales swam right under us - it was incredible and I saw a breach from a distance. The second time there were lots of whale tales and a baby whale breached. You don't get this every time - but I guess frequently enough that I got 2 out of 2. Your iphone may not be enough to get a good picture - you'll want a camera with a good zoom.

- Apr 2018 -

Krista Gremos

What a great company. We started with the Photo Safari (approximately 15 people on a boat built to hold over 60). Such a great trip that we went on one more last minute trip our last morning on Maui (slightly more crowded but just as amazing). Guides are fantastic and if you don't see at least one whale (spout, hump, tail) between Jan and March you are looking in the wrong direction.