Molokini Wild Side Eco-Adventure

Why We Love It -  Smaller group and more intimate way to explore the underwater crater! Includes everything from reef-safe sunscreen and premium snorkel gear to adult beverages, breakfast, and lunch!

Explore the iconic crater of Molokini with our eco-tour. The best diving and snorkeling destination in Maui is this gorgeous reef, popular for its abundant coral, clear water, resting seabirds and colorful fish.

This flexible adventure also includes a visit to a second snorkeling destination, like Turtle Arches, and you will get to cruise along the coastline of Maui. You will enjoy a continental breakfast and sumptuous lunch prepared onboard.

All adventures carry a maximum of 38 guests on our Ocean Explorer, the catamaran that offers unimpeded views with open seating. You will have sufficient room to enjoy the stunning views and move around. We do not recommend this tour for pregnant women, non-swimmers, individuals with heart conditions, or people who have back, neck or knee problems. Kids below 7 are not allowed.

Tour Includes
  • Maritime naturalists
  • Finest snorkeling gear, with optical masks
  • Snorkeling instructions and flotation devices
  • Two snorkeling destinations
  • Filtered water and reef-safe sunscreen
  • Colorful  marine life posters
Food and Drinks
  • Premium continental breakfast including Vegetable Frittata (potatoes, eggs, bell pepper, spinach, onion, mushroom, parmesan, and cheddar), fruit platter and assorted pastries
  • Lunch includes grilled chicken with lettuce and spinach, carrots, tomato, cucumber, Mac Potato Salad, bean, and corn salad
  • Dessert: chocolate chip cookies
  • Refreshments include unlimited juice and soda, one alcoholic drink such as wine or beer for people over 21 (additional refills and adult beverages can be purchased)

Vessel Details
  • State-of-the-art and eco-friendly catamaran
  • Length is 54'. We limit 34 passengers although boat certified for 49.
  • Separate serving area and shaded galley
  • Bathrooms for men and women
Optional Items
Available for rent onboard are underwater cameras, wetsuit shirts, and binoculars
Time 7: 30 am
Check-in is 60 minutes prior to departure
Duration 6 hours
Location Maalaea

Please view the cancellation policy and restrictions.

Cancellation Policy

48 hours advance notice is required for any changes or cancellations. Cancellations made within 48 hours of check-in time will be charged 100%.

Last Minute Bookings

Please be aware that these bookings are subject to confirmation. If this is a same-day or next-day booking, there is a reasonable chance this will not be confirmed. For bookings that are confirmed, there will be no cancellations or refunds.


As an intermediate to advanced snorkel adventure, this trip is not recommended for non-swimmers, pregnant women, people with heart conditions, or anyone with neck, back or knee problems. Children under 7 are not permitted.

All activities are at your own risk. All reservations are non-refundable and changes are not permitted within 48 hours prior to the scheduled check-in. Check-in is at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. All no-shows are non-refundable. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel due to weather, sea state or other exigent circumstances at the discretion of the Captain. Destinations, menus, vessels and equipment subject to change without notice. 

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Review Summary
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- Apr 2018 -

Annlan Tran

This is the only non profit organization that helps whales and ocean research. They served lunch from Threes Bar & Grill; pulled pork and chicken sliders with their signature guava BBQ sauce. The fruit was fresh, the ocean was amazing, we saw whales slapping their fins, and one actually swam about 15-20 feet from our boat! Heading back the captain turned off the engine and put up the sails so we coasted back to port. We were lucky to see whales this late in the season! They recommend going in February during peak whale season.

- Feb 2018 -

Tom Dimond

We had a great day whale watching with an ethical company. We were recommended this company due to their hard work they do outside the tours. The tour is a great way to keep the foundation going and a very enjoyable experience. One of our highlights on Maui. Very informative guide and the boat had plenty of room to view the Wales from every side. If you don’t get sea sick- try to grab a table at the front for the best spot

- Mar 2018 -

Ken Miles

Great place to go whale watching. This is a non profit that puts its funds back into the community. We saw quite a few humpback whales while on our 2 hour excursion and we even saw a baby humpback. The crew was polite, informative and fun. The captain did what he could to minimize the rocking of the boat while putting us in the best position for viewing whales.

- Jan 2018 -

John Borkenhagen

We did the discount whale watch tour on 1/30/2018. The tour lasts 2hrs. The boat launched at 2PM. We were close to different groups of whales almost the whole time. We saw whales doing every possible stunt, including about two dozen breaches next to the boat. The educated Naturalist guides provided very interesting facts on the hump back whales. It was a great nature experience along with an education. It was fun to watch the excitement from the young children on the boat when they saw the whales. You don't have to get up early to see the whales active like you have to for some other animals. Whales are active anytime. The waters were rough with winds at 15mph. The Naturalist said whales seem to be more active in bad weather for better communication. A down side of the rough weather was that a couple older adults got sick. They were moved to the back of the boat where it does not bounce as much. We decided to take a tour the same day we booked it. We booked on line. There were only a few tickets left, so plan a day ahead if you can. The $33 tickets were discounted 10% for buying on line. A $4.50 fuel surcharge was added. I recommend Molokini Wild Side Eco-Adventure for whale watching. They have tours out of Lahaina and Maalaea. There tour boats from other businesses watching the same whales. Those boats were not nearly as nice.

- Feb 2018 -

Chris Carlsson

Great company to go whale watching, snorkeling, and dinner cruise. They utilize their profit to do whale research and tracking these beautiful creatures as they return year after year. They have tremendous programs and even have volunteer opportunities from giving time, helping with operation duties, and community events. When you choose how to enjoy your time in Maui, you should help not only our local residents, but our aquatic life as well. Enjoy PWF!

- Mar 2018 -

Tracy Johnston

My family very much enjoyed our whale sighting trip. The crew was fun and very informative. They found whales quickly. We were able to see multiple whales (2 different species even) as well as dolphins. I really enjoyed that they put the sonar equipment in the water so we could hear them communicating. Great trip!

- Apr 2018 -

Brandon Zoras

This is a well organized company. The moment you book you get details such as where to park for free, online booking, email waivers was easy and staff were super friendly at the store. We had 18 people on a boat that holds 90 so it was so nice to spread our. We went near the end of whale season so saw a few whales and one baby that was flipping around on its back. The crew were super nice and knowledgeable. You also got complementary drinks on the boat. It was a nice two hours on the water. The only thing I didn’t care for was when you get off the dock there is a person selling you a photo of you getting on the ship, I guess some people are into that so an ok option for them.

- Apr 2018 -

Krista Gremos

What a great company. We started with the Photo Safari (approximately 15 people on a boat built to hold over 60). Such a great trip that we went on one more last minute trip our last morning on Maui (slightly more crowded but just as amazing). Guides are fantastic and if you don't see at least one whale (spout, hump, tail) between Jan and March you are looking in the wrong direction.

- Feb 2018 -

Arielle Sabio

Such a wonderful time for these first time whale watchers. Our boat narrator Dan was super informative and fun, with the help of another crew member Annie on the Spirit boat. We were lucky enough to see a few whales breach, dive and even a couple of whales swim directly under our boat. Dan and Annie told us several whale facts as well. Would highly recommend the Molokini Wild Side Eco-Adventure because it was a great time and especially because the money you spend helps to fund their nonprofit work.

- Apr 2018 -

Karyn Pugliese

I have done this twice and would do it again. Try to avoid windy days. You can usually book same day even during the busy season. They find whales fast. They can't take you too close by law, but if the whales get curious, they will swim up to the boat -they call it "getting mugged" then. by law, the boat can't move. We got "mugged" the first time I did the trip - the whales swam right under us - it was incredible and I saw a breach from a distance. The second time there were lots of whale tales and a baby whale breached. You don't get this every time - but I guess frequently enough that I got 2 out of 2. Your iphone may not be enough to get a good picture - you'll want a camera with a good zoom.