Feast at Lele

Why We Love It -  This less traditional luau features table service, beach side dining, and a feast of polynesian foods. This is considered the most romantic luau on Maui.

Enjoy an exquisite night of Polynesian fare and entertainment under the starlit sky!

Go on a journey through the traditional dances of the Pacific as the sun sets into the horizon. Featuring Individual table service, you will feast on exotic gourmet Polynesian cuisines while you enjoy the traditional music and dance from New Zealand, Hawaii, Samoa and Tahiti.

This luau emulates the cuisine of ancient Polynesian royalty, especially appropriate since the luau grounds were once where the royal family of Maui would feast and entertain. Featuring five epicurean courses, each course revolves around the origins of the Hawaiian people. All aspects of this luau including costumes, music, and dance have been designed with authenticity in mind.  

  • MaiTai cocktail greeting with a fresh flow lei 
  • Open bar included throughout the evening
  • Five course gourmet dinner by Chef Adrian Aina with locally sourced ingredients 

Hawaii - First Course
We being right here on the beautiful islands of Hawaii with the oli (chant), mele (song), and hula (dance). We honor the 'aina (land), our ali'i (royalty), and all the natural beauty surrounding us. 
  • TRADITIONAL POLYNESIAN STAPLES - Banana & sweet potato chips served with tropical ginger & ogo seaweed salsa.
  • IMU ROASTED KALUA PUA'A - Pork seasoned w/ hawaiian salt, cooked traditional (imu) style in an underground oven shredded & served w/ pohole fern shoots.
  • LOMI LOMI SALMON & KALO PUREE - Sous vide salted salmon w/ pickled onion, green onion, island tomato & black sea salt.
  • THIRD HAWAII MENU ITEM - Chef's special creation, changes daily
NEW ZEALAND - Second course
Welcome to the Land of the Long White Cloud, also known as New Zealand. Home to the Maori people who journeyed from some of the most remote land masses in the world (the islands in the south Pacific). The Maori culture is rich in song and dance, intertwined with strong oratory skills. You will notice their facial tattoos or moko. This was used to symbolize ones genealogy and personal identity. Our dancers perform a Haka, a war dance that was used to intimidate their enemies. Then our women perform an exciting dance using poi balls, which are used to imitate the actions and rhythms in nature.
  • HARORE KUMARA - Medley of stewed mushrooms & onion, served on orange & purple sweet potato.
  • MITI HANGI - 5 hour island scented braised short ribs in a kiwi fruit soy jus.
  • THIRD AOTEAROA MENU ITEM - Chef's special creation, changes daily.
TAHITI  - Third course
Come along with us to Tahiti, land of intrigue and romance, that captures the imagination. From the verdant majesty of its lush mountains rising out of the mist to the startling clarity of its coral lagoons, Tahiti is considered by many as the tropical image of Polynesia. Sit back and enjoy the sensual swing of the hips and pulsing rhythm of the ancient drums, which combine to create a titillating dance performance. Oversized headdresses made of grasses and shells balance the exuberant movements of the hip and hand. Experience the romantic lure of Tahiti as called forth in these lusty dances.
  • E-IAOTA (POISSON CRU) - Fresh island fish & vegetable marinated in lime juice & coconut milk.
  • MOA - Grilled mango ginger chicken w/ a Tahitian lime aoli & mango relish.
  • THIRD TAHITI MENU ITEM Chef's special creation, changes daily.
  • SAMOA  - Fourth course
SAMOA - Fourth course
Our evening's journey ends at Samoa, "the cradle of Polynesia" literally the sacred center of its fiery soul. The islands of Samoa reflect their age in a lush jungle-shrouded paradise. Even today, thatched grass roof fales can be seen dotting the coastlines, where island homes are open to nature, and the island people open their hearts to you. The energetic and vigorous Samoan dance is punctuated by staccato slapping of legs and feet, and rhythmic clapping of hands. Men wear shredded leaf leggings which emphasize their movements, while women don very finely woven leaf skirts to accentuate their gracefulness. The famed fire knife dance is an important component to their culture and fitting end to our show.
  • PALUSAMI - Braised coconut cream corned beef w/ baked ulu wrapped in taro leaf.
  • STEW FIGOTA - Fresh island fish in a mussels, clams, and shrimp stew w/ coconut banana cream.
  • THIRD SAMOA COURSE ITEM - Chef's special creation, changes daily
  • With whipped haupia cream (coconut pudding)
  • COCKTAILS -Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Banana Madness, Lava Flow, Island Iced Tea, Blue Hawaiian, Planters Punch, O'o Farm Special (fresh selection changes daily)
  • LIQUORS - Pau Vodka (Maui vodka made w/ Maui Gold Pineapple), Maui Rum (Light & Dark), Bombay Sapphire Gin, Dewars White Label Scotch, Cazadores Tequila, Jack Daniels Whiskey, Bulleit Bourbon, Christian Brothers Brandy, Carolans Irish Cream
  • BEERS - Amstel Light, Coors Light, Bikini Blond Lager (Maui), Big Swell IPA (Maui), Longboard Lager (Hawaii), Steinlager (New Zealand), Hinano (Tahiti Seasonal), Becks (non-alcohol)
  • WINES - Sparkling Wine, White Zinfandel, Moscato, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah, Port Wine
Time Spring (Feb - Apr) and Fall (Sept) -  6:30pm
Summer (May - Aug) -  7:00pm
Winter (Oct - Jan) -  6:00pm
Check-in is at least 30 minutes before showtime.
Duration 3.5 hours
Location Lahaina

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with more than 48 hours notice are eligible for a full refund. No shows and cancellations with less than 48 hours are subject to full charges.

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Notify agent if wheelchair access is necessary.
No strollers; unless a child seat is purchased (due to limited space); car seats okay at no additional charge

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- Nov 2015 -

Louis D.

There are many good and entertaining luaus on Maui. This is the best of then all. No buffet or drink lines. That is a big plus. Held in Lahiana next to the Pacific'o restaurant. The view of the sunset is spectacular. The food was above average. As a group we enjoyed all the entrees. Large drink selection and you can drink all you want. The show was entertaining and professional. Spend a bit more money for a luau but it is well worth the extra dollars.

- Nov 2015 -


This was recommended by locals as the best luau on the island, and having experienced it I'd probably agree. We booked it the day before, bit pricey at $125 pp, but the 5-course gourmet meal and show were worth it.

- Oct 2015 -


We had the most wonderful time at the Feast at Lele. This is the way to do a luau. We had booked way in advance which got us a wonderful table. There is no buffet here which thrilled me. Rather, they serve you drinks from their open bar all evening was well as a pre fix 5 course gourmet dinner. Each course is paired with a different pacific island. As you feast, you are treated to a wonderful show, each performance matched to the island from which you food came. A great concept. The service was amazing. We wanted to nothing. They even remembered from my reservation made almost a year in advance, that it was our anniversary and gave us a special dessert. The service could not have been better. AS you watched the show, the sun set in the back ground. The location is oceanfront which makes it extra special. The last time we were in Hawaii, we went to several luaus. This time The Fest at Lele was the only one we chose and we chose well.

- Dec 2017 -

Justin Farber

This was an all around great luau. The staff were all extremely friendly and service was prompt. I loved that the food was served at the table rather than buffet style like some other luaus. HOWEVER, the food was not exactly what I expected. I personally loved it, but it was very authentic. If some attending is a picky eater they will have a hard time finding food that they enjoy.

- Jan 2018 -

Paul Thorpe

The best luau on Maui without a doubt make reservations early so that you can be seated up front. Cocktails are included great food and service. Music and show was awesome!

- Jan 2018 -

Pamela Hartwick

The show alone is worth the price! Food and drinks were delicious and plentiful. Not your stereotypical luau, we can't wait to visit again.

- Nov 2017 -

Tom Carr

Having lived in Hawai'i I have been to my fair share of luau's when family and friends come to visit. The Feast at Lele is hands down the best luau on Maui. It starts off with an intimate setting and table service. The staff is committed to delivering a bespoke experience while you attend. The food is carefully selected to showcase the different regions of Polynesia and it is meticulously prepared as if you were ordering from a menu. The entertainers did not disappoint. The three member band entertained everyone before, during, and after the show. The men and women that encompassed the visual show were second to none. I do not think you can have an experience like The Feast at Lele in any other setting. Best night on Maui so far and my friends I brought were very impressed by the evening entertainment selection.

- Oct 2017 -

Jody A Reale

A premium luau experience on the beautiful Kaanapali Beach on Maui. It's a departure from other luaus in that the food is served in Polynesian regional courses, table side, by the waitstaff, as opposed to most other luaus that are buffet service. The service is excellent, the food is the best luau food on the island, and the price is a steal, especially if you're enjoying cocktails. The setting is more intimate than other, more large-scale commercial productions, and the show is beautiful (includes Samoan fire dance.) This particular dinner and show is less kid-friendly than others, but is perfect for a party of adults or a family with teens & up. You'll leave full and happy; arrive early and prepared to pay for parking.


Liza M.

We went to the Feast at Lele at the end of September 2017 and I la-la-la-la-la loved it. We really wanted to go to a luau while in Hawaii and got some...


Yi Z.

Customer service is clearly not their thing. Your reservation means nothing when there is a higher bidder. We're traveling from the Bay Area to Maui,...


Justine F.

We went here over the Old Lahaina Luau because it was closed for renovation while we were visiting and the Feast at Lele did not disappoint! From the kind...