Full Day Hana Rainforest

Why We Love It -  Truly the Hawaii of your dreams! This hike takes you through a bamboo forest, lava rock pools and cascading waterfalls, the last of which is 400 feet tall! Includes lunch and transportation.

Spend a full-day hiking Maui's ultimate waterfall wonderland

This full-day excursion offers a multitude of inspiring vistas and hikes all along the spectacular Hana Highway. Cool off in the network of pools and cascading waterfalls as you make your way to the jaw-dropping 400-foot waterfall at the trail’s end. This is Maui at its finest!

It's the Hawaii of your dreams. The entire excursion is packed with hiking, swimming, and sightseeing. The day's premier stop is the National Park at Oheo Gulch, where you'll encounter a dramatic 400 ft waterfall, incredible bamboo forest, and lush jungle. You'll have an epic day with a multitude of postcard moments, on both the rugged coastal exterior of the island and in the thriving interior of the rainforest.

Experience the enchanting splendor of the Hana Highway
  • Hike 4.5 miles in Maui's National Park.
  • Visit Oheo Gulch, sometimes referred to as the Seven Sacred Pools, a network of delightful pools and cascading waterfalls.
  • See waterfalls up to 400 feet!
  • Walk a trail through acres of towering bamboo and captivating rainforest.
  • Experience the Hana Highway. Drive the famous road with us; 2.5-hr. drive from Central Maui, complete with 617 curves and 54 one-lane bridges on the Road to Hana.
  • Circle East Maui on the van ride to and from the trailhead.
  • Enjoy a nutritious lunch and snack, included for your pleasure!

Our world-class guides are the secret ingredient for your experience; they will entertain and keep you informed throughout your tour. Each of our guides has a true passion for adventure, the island of Maui, and Hawaii's rich culture and history. From jumping off waterfalls to finding native fruits to taste, they will keep the tour comfortable, safe, and above all - fun!
Time 6:30 am
Not available Thursday
Duration 11 hours
Location Hotel pick-up

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Cancellation Policy

If you cancel 48 hours or more prior to the date of the event, you will receive a full refund less a 10% cancellation fee. If you cancel within 24 hours for any reason, you will receive no refund. If Hike Maui cancels (which we do for dangerous weather), you will receive a full 100% refund.

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Age minimum 8 years old.
You will be required to sign this Participation Agreement on the day of the hike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need a bathroom? Porta potties or toilets are near most trailheads. After that, search for privacy foliage. 

Should we use our own backpacks? We prefer you use ours, then you don't accidentally walk off with our gear, and you don't get your pack dirty. 

What are these ninja water shoes? Japanese tabis (fishermen shoes). The felt sole clings to wet, mossy rocks better than any other shoe. They can be slippery in mud, however. Best to wear them in the water, not on the hike. 

Bugs love you? Got a bite? Ask your guide for AfterBite -- pharmaceutical ammonia that neutralizes the toxin. Takes away the itch. Also very good for bee, spider, scorpion, centipede and hornet stings. 

What are flash floods? Sudden, very rapid flooding in streams, due to heavy rainfall. Rare, but get out of the water if your guide blows a whistle. You need to react very quickly and head for high ground. Listen to your guide. 

Do you have medical issues? (back, knees, heart, diabetes, pregnancy) Write these down below or tell your guide. 

Is tipping the guide common? Yes, this is a service industry. If you're happy with your guide, a 10-15% tip is the best way to show appreciation. 


Review Summary
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- Sep 2018 -


Our Full Day Hana Rainforest full-day trip to Hana was honestly one of the best highlights of our honeymoon! My husband and I were so glad that we could relax and take in the beautiful scenery as opposed to worrying about the drive to Hana itself. I’ve had the pleasure of personally experiencing both the East Maui Waterfall Hike & their full-day Road to Hana tour; and BOTH are truly exceptional tours!!! For the active person wishing to get a real taste of Maui’s spectacular Rainforest and all that it has to offer; I’d highly, highly recommend booking a tour with Full Day Hana Rainforest! The East Maui Waterfall Hike is my personal favorite tour on Maui! You don’t have to commit to a full day tour; yet you get to have the most awesome experience “in” the Hana Rainforest! This tour offers a moderate 2.5 mile hike through a lush, green, tropical rainforest; where your personable & knowledgeable naturalist will enlighten you on all of the plants, trees, sites, smells & tastes along the way. We got to view “5” spectacular waterfalls, swim in 3, & jump off of 2. Although weather & rainfall has a huge impact of what you will see & do on this particular tour; the day which my tour fell on, the conditions were epic - so we got to see & do it all! Part of this tour takes place on private property where only this tour has access too, making it an exclusive & non-crowded experience. Although this tour does not require major endurance & physical fitness to accomplish, it did challenge me in a couple of areas along the trail; making it quite thrilling! This tour quite literally was the BEST day that I can personally remember ever spending on Maui!!! The highlight of the all day Hana tour is the 4-mile hike that took us through a spectacular bamboo forest, within the Hana rainforest; climbing your way to the very top to view a stunning waterfall & dip your feet in a cold, swift natural running stream. Another highlight of this particular tour was a separate hike through an undiscovered & private area of the Hana Rainforest, & where we got to view another stunning waterfall & swim in its cold water pool. So refreshing & SO MUCH FUN!!! This day too literally takes my breathe away! We had the opportunity to be led by naturalists Brian & George on these two tours... and let me tell you - these two are the BEST tour guides I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!!! Both were professional, fun, outgoing, personable, knowledgeable, respectful, safe; & genuinely kind & exuding Aloha! You can tell that these two truly love what they do & live Aloha! I highly recommend this hike! They are a first class operation!!!

- Sep 2018 -


Great trip on June 16 with Bocker as our guide. It was everything we wanted. Got to hike, listed as moderate and that is what it was, not hard, but not too easy. Driver picked us up on-time at our hotel and was excellent both to our destination and back at the end of the day. We did the East Maui Hike with Dawn. It was fantastic! I can't believe we saw and got to go in pools with no one but us. We got to hike around in the mud, cross the streams and climb up and over and under trees; I felt like a little kid. I was a bit worried thinking we would be going back down a few of the things we climbed up but not to worry, Dawn is a great leader and won't take you anywhere the group can't manage. Dawn also had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt. I'm going again on our next trip and will try to do the longer Hana trip as well!

- Sep 2018 -


Brian was an excellent guide! He drove the long, windy, narrow road like a champ. He gave our group lots of good, interesting information (but not a lecture), offered to take pictures, and took us to a couple of "off the beaten path spots" in addition to the highlights of the trip - the hike to the 400 foot Waimoku waterfall at the end of the Pipiwai Trail and a stop at the Waianapanapa black rock beach. He took the Pi'ilani Highway on the way to Hana, so we saw a part of island I've never seen before (no breaching the rental car company contract). After the hike, we stopped for ice cream at Coconut Glen's, then another stop for a swim. The group size was small (7 or 8) and everyone was friendly and nice. I have done self-guided road trips to Hana in the past, but this guided trip was by far the most enjoyable.

- Aug 2018 -


Hiking Hana yesterday was wondrous. It was like being a part of the movie Avatar. Before this I hiked Haleakala with the same group and that was heaven on Earth. The tour guides were not only knowledgeable of the trails and Hawaiian history, but we're also very hospitable. I strongly recommend Full Day Hana Rainforest for those who like hiking and being adventurous.