Glass Bottom Boat


See the underwater world without getting wet!

Board this semi-submarine for Maui's Ultimate Underwater Glass Bottom Boat Viewing Adventure and Dive Show. Departing from Lahaina Harbor, this tour shows you the only barrier reef in Maui. You'll have the opportunity to see various kinds of coral as well as reef fish such as the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, Hawaii's state fish.

Once we are out to the best viewing site, you can sit in front of the big windows in our underwater viewing cabin for a up-close view of the reef. This is when our divers will jump in the water and search the bottom for exotic critters they can bring right to your window -a great photo opportunity! Our experienced narrator will help you learn more about the world of Maui's reef.

This tour of the underwater world of Maui features
  • An air-conditioned underwater cabin
  • Window seats for everyone
  • Dive show
  • Free fish chart and postcard
  • Visit turtle sites (90 min show )

On the way back to the marina, guests can ride up on the top deck and get an amazing view of the beautiful West Maui mountains from the water. In fact, you can ride up top anytime you like during the trip.

Don't miss the chance to explore Maui's underwater world the easy way!
Time 60-minute reef viewing
10 am, 11:15 am, 1 pm
90-minute reef viewing
2:15 pm
Check-in 15 minutes before scheduled tour
Duration 60 or 90 minutes (2:15 pm tour only)
Location Lahaina Harbor

Please view the cancellation policy and restrictions.

Cancellation Policy

48 Hours for full refund.

Last Minute Bookings

Please be aware that these bookings are subject to confirmation. If this is a same-day or next-day booking, there is a reasonable chance this will not be confirmed. For bookings that are confirmed, there will be no cancellations or refunds.


No wheelchairs or strollers on board.

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Review Summary
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- Mar 2016 -


Fun Time. Cost us $75 US for us both. Went out 2 miles north of Lahaina.They stop the boat and 2 divers jump in and brought an octupus. an urchin; a poisionus cone and something else to the widows so we can take pictures. A staff member describes what they bring. You have an option to ride above board on the way back to the harbour. Saw several fish but nothing big. Wife envious of the scuba divers; wanted to jump in herself!

- Dec 2015 -


Our kids, aged 3 and 5, really enjoyed the Glass Bottom Boat and being able to see the marine life up close in this way. This is a fun excursion if you have young kids. I personally would pass on this one if you don't have kids though. The staff are friendly and knowledgable. 1 hour for this activity was plenty of time and just right.

- Oct 2015 -


The Glass Bottom Boat is a great way for people not able to actually get into the ocean and enjoy firsthand the beauty and treasures which lie under the sea; especially good for people with very small children who aren't old enough to snorkel. The 60-minute tour is just the right amount of time, as I think that the 90-minute tour would be too long as the cabin is very warm, with very little airflow; and a bit clausterphobic. Being up top on the deck smells very strongly of diesel fuel; making you nauseous. When heading out of Lahaina Harbor, and back in - you are able to view the gorgeous West Maui Mountains and majestic scenery from up top (if the diesel fuel smell doesn't make you too sick & nauseous); which is just an added perk to the excursion! Although there really wasn't much to see at the coral reef that we visited, this excursion has two divers bring up treasures from the bottom of the sea; and which they share with the guests through the glass windows. On our particular outing, the divers brought up 3 different creatures for the passengers viewing (an octopus, pin cushion sea urchin & sea urchin). Unfortunately this particular day very few fish were at the reef; consisting of just a few yellow tang and black trigger fish. So all in all, not a great viewing day; certainly not the crews fault! The narrator was very friendly and informative. We learned a number of facts about the creatures that we were able to view, and that we didn't know before we boarded; which is always great.

- May 2018 -

Lindsey W

What an awesome experience! We took our yr old daughter and she totally loved it and we had a great time too! We went early on a Sunday and the boat was only 1/3 full so we got to really move around a lot and interact with the crew (who were all wonderful). Would definitely recommend if you have small children.

- Jun 2018 -

mike mueller

The trip was very enjoyable until we had a minor medical issue with my wife and her vertigo. The staff, especially Gabe, jumped into action and helped tremendously to keep my wife as comfortable as she could be until we got back to shore. Excellent crew !

- Apr 2018 -

Gary Baumert

Lots of fun riding out over the reef looking for local fish. The divers were able to bring an octopus, starfish and sea urchins up to the windows for close-up views. The large windows in the partially submerged boat make for a good viewing of the Fish & Reef. Saw several green turtles swim by, too fast for still photo. Probably a good idea to have a polarizing lens on your camera to filter out some of the blue that overwhelms most cameras

- May 2018 -

Maura Parga

Great time today. Staff and safety all in check. These folks are really kind people who love thier jobs and the reef. Would do this again

- Mar 2018 -

Daniel Veliz

My wife and I enjoyed this very much. Easy and cheaper alternative to snorkeling, perfect for families. We saw an octopus, frog fish and two turtles plus other sea life. Thumbs up!


Tom P.

We took our 3 yo on a snorkling trip on the Trilogy a few days prior and it wasn't the best experience for him since the water was a little too chilly and...


Matt H.

My wife and I went on this and had a great time. Saw lots of fish, sea urchin, starfish and the reef was beautiful. The water was pretty clear and I was...


Jessica T.

My husband and I came and did this tour while on our honeymoon. We were 2 of 8 total people. We got basically the whole place to ourselves with a small...