Haleakala Sunrise Bike & Zip

Why We Love It -  Three thrills in one! Experience the sunrise from Haleakala's otherworldly summit, bike down 21 switchbacks, and take 5 exhilarating zips through eucalyptus forest!

Get the most out of Haleakala Crater with a sunrise, downhill cycle, and zip-line experience!

Watch the sunrise from the 10,000 ft summit of Haleakala National Park, then bike down the 21 switchbacks of the world's largest resting volcano to the beginning of our 5-line Haleakala zipline tour. The zipline tour will take you across an Indiana Jones swinging bridge, over 90 foot drops, and through a forest of eucalyptus trees.

  • Watch the sunrise from the Pacific Ocean at 10,000 feet from the summit of Haleakala National Park, Maui's #1 Tourist attraction.
  • Gently cruise down 21 switchbacks on the world's largest resting volcano.
  • Fly by zipline over 90-foot drops and canyons filled with eucalyptus trees.
  • Swing on Maui's only pendulum line, reaching speeds over 45 mph.
  • Includes round-trip transportation from your hotel.
  • 2:00 am - We'll pick you up at your hotel or accommodation. Hot beverages and snacks included.
  • 3:30 am - Experience a Maui sunrise at the summit of Haleakala National Park. 
  • 6:30 am - Drive down to the 6500 ft level to begin your bike tour.
  • 7:00 am - Bike down the 21 switchbacks that lead you to the zip-line base camp. 
  • 10:30 am - Begin your zip-line adventure.
  • 12:30 pm - We'll transfer you back to your hotel or accommodation. 
  • Tour is available on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only. 
  • Times are approximate and will be confirmed at time of booking confirmation.
  • Line 1: After a short hike through a forest of eucalyptus trees, you'll arrive at the first zipline of the tour.  Your expert guides will help you clip in, and then off you go sailing over a massive ravine more than 50 feet below you're dangling feet. Ten seconds later, you'll gracefully land on the platform more than 150 feet from your starting point. The lines get faster, and longer from this point forward! 
  • Line 2: This line is known for its 70-foot cliff-like drop-off. Our wooden platform is securely fastened to the edge of the cliff where you'll step off from into thin air. This line carries you over a deep ravine where you might spot some endangered Ama'u ferns.  
  • Line 3: This line is known for its plank-like launching platform that dangles over a huge valley. If it isn't too wet, your guide may let you take a running start for this line to pick up some real speed. After a brief free-fall, the line catches you and zips you across a valley filled with bright orange lichen, rich green ferns, and lush grass. 
  • Line 4: This line is over a football field long, and sends you directly through the valley you zipped over on line 3. Valley walls will tower above you on either side as you fly just above the valley floor. 
  • Swinging Bridge: Since we couldn't build a zip-line uphill, we found another way to get back to the other side of Pahakuokala Gulch - an Indian Jones-style swinging bridge!  Swinging 80 feet above the valley floor, this bouncy bridge will give you a chance to really get a good look at the beautiful nature around you. Below the bridge is an area where our staff, and many volunteers have planted thousands of trees and native plants. You'll notice the native wildlife returning to the area.
  • Line 5: As you approach the beginning of the line, you'll notice stunning views of Maui's North Shore framed by Haleakala's subtropical rain forest; this line is one of our favorites. We named the line after Hawaii's fastest bird - the Io, for a reason. You'll accelerate from 0 - 45+ mph in just a few seconds on this pendulum style zip-line. This line will give you a story to tell, and an experience to remember. We look forward to seeing you soon!
After your zip-line tour, spend time exploring Upcountry Maui. Hike in Haleakala National Park, tour a lavender or coffee farm, taste locally distilled Ocean Vodka, visit local art galleries, and sip pineapple wine. You'll go home with a real Hawaiian vacation story to tell! 
Time ~2:00am hotel pick-up
Exact pickup time will be given with confirmation.
Duration 10 hours
Location Haleakala Crater Road

Please view the cancellation policy and restrictions. You can find addition information in frequently asked questions

Cancellation Policy

We have a generous cancellation policy.  24 hours or more before your tour and you will receive a 100% refund.  Less than 24 hours, no refund. 

Last Minute Bookings

Please be aware that these bookings are subject to confirmation. If this is a same-day or next-day booking, there is a reasonable chance this will not be confirmed. For bookings that are confirmed, there will be no cancellations or refunds.


  1. Customers MUST be 12 years or older, all customers under 18 must have a legal guardian sign for them.
  2. Customers MUST weigh between 80 & 250 lbs. This Policy is STRICTLY ENFORCED, for your own safety. Customers will be weighed on site if there are questions and WILL NOT be provided a refund if they are outside the limits.
  3. Customers MUST be physically able to hike 1 to 2 miles at elevation over uneven terrain.
  4. Customers with serious neck, back, or joint injuries or Chronic heart problems should use their own discretion about their capabilities to safely participate in this activity. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that anyone with who has had recent surgery, especially on ankles, knees or their back, not participate in this tour. Although we try to always make customers comfortable both physically and mentally, some degree of impact on joints or some degree of customer anxiety about zipping is unavoidable.
  5. Customers MUST NOT have been scuba diving within 24 hours of scheduled tour time.
  6. All customers are REQUIRED to sign a release and waiver of liability prior to taking the tour.
  7. You must not be pregnant.
  8. Absolutely NO SMOKING is allowed on tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do we need to check in for our tour?
We do require everyone to arrive (30) minutes prior to their tour time.

Where do we check in?
Locate Hwy 378 and follow signs up to Haleakala National Park and look for the Zipline location after passing Mile Marker 2. Please check in at the red pavilion on Crater Road on the way to Haleakala National Park. 

I have hiking-style sandals - can I wear those?
For your safety, we require that you wear shoes with a fully enclosed heel and toe - tennis/athletic shoes or hiking type shoes are best. No hiking sandals, Teva's, Keene's, Crocs, Tom's, Vibram FiveFinger shoes or Skecher Shapers allowed on the course.  Shoes must be snug to your foot, no loose fitting or un-laced Converse style shoes allowed.

Do I have to wear long pants?
No, but they tend to be more comfortable when wearing a harness and are recommended.

Can I bring my camera/phone?
Yes, you may bring your camera/phone along to snap photos along the way. Your guides will also take many photos of you zipping. All the pictures from your tour will be available for $15. You can also rent a Go-Pro camera.

How good of shape do I need to be in?
Ziplining isn't strenuous, but you need to be able to hike about 1/2 mile and climb steps. We have had people from age 10 to 100 do the course without problems.

Is there an age requirement?
Guests MUST be 10 years or older. Anyone under the age of 18 will be required to have a completed waiver and have a responsible adult sign the form for them.

I'm going scuba-diving the day before my tour, is that ok?
Customers MUST NOT have been scuba diving within 24 hours of scheduled tour time for all courses.

What's the cancellation policy?
We have a generous cancellation policy. 24 hours or more before your tour and you will receive a 100% refund. Less than 24 hours, no refund. 

Are there any health issues I should consider?
Customers with serious neck, back, or joint injuries or chronic heart problems should use their own discretion about their capabilities to safely participate in this activity. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that anyone with who has had recent surgery, especially on ankles, knees or their back, not participate in this tour. Although we try to always make customers comfortable both physically and mentally, some degree of impact on joints or some degree of customer anxiety about zipping is unavoidable.

Are there weight restrictions?
Customers MUST weigh between 80 & 260 lbs. This Policy is STRICTLY ENFORCED, for your own safety. All participants will be weighed at check in and those that do not comply will not be allowed to zip and no refunds will be issued.

Is ziplining safe?
Safety is our top priority, and it shows. Over 3 million zipline crossings - we've set the industry standard in zip lining safety. All equipment is tested to hold at least 5,000 lbs. Each zipline has a minimum breaking strength of over 26,000 lbs.

Sophisticated engineering
From concept to design to installation, we work closely with Glynn Geotechnical Engineering to develop our zipline courses. Glynn is an internationally recognized firm, licensed in 46 States for structural and geotechnical engineering work, and recognized as the leader in the Aerial Adventure engineering industry.

Thoroughly trained guides
We believe that your safety starts with guides that have a comprehensive understanding of the ziplining industry and safety best practices.Each of our guides go through an 80-hour training process, and a period of ?assistant guiding??a time where ?junior? guides are paired up with more experienced guides to get on-course training and experience. The industry standard for this process is a short 40-hour training process.

Daily course inspections, yearly professional inspections
Every day, our trained staff thoroughly inspects all the ziplines, platforms, trails, and equipment of each course. And at least once a year an accredited ACCT inspector conducts a comprehensive review of each course, equipment, and all current practices.

Do my parents or guardian have to zip with me if I am under age 18?
Kids 15-17 years old need an adult signature on their waiver but can take part in our tours without an adult in their group on tour EXCEPT for Ka'anapali Zip n' Dip tours! 
Example: 15 & 16 year old friends can zip without a parent or adult in their party as long as they have an adult sign the waiver for them at check-in first.Kids 14 years and younger need to have an adult on tour with them and an adult must sign the waiver for each child. The adult can be a parent, relative, or friend and must be 18 years or older.
Example: 14 & 17 year old siblings need an adult or 18 year old to zip as part of their group, in addition to having an adult sign the waiver for them.  (Note if it were just the 17 year old, they could go with just an adult signature on their waiver - but because they have a 14 year old in the group they also need an adult to zip as part of their group)
Ka'anapali Zip n' Dip tours: Requires 1 adult to participate with each party regardless of the age of the minors.
Example: Jones party of 2 (15 and 16 year old's) cannot go on 4 line Zip n' Dip without their 18 year old sibling or another adult.


Review Summary
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- Apr 2016 -


Nella and Ryan were fantastic guides. They made us all feel confident and safe and made sure we had a great time. Beautiful way to spend a morning on Maui! Will recommend to our friends.

- Mar 2016 -


Our family was wrapping up our Spring Break trip with a zip line adventure. Tour guides Frank and Ryan were the best! Very funny guys with a lot of knowledge on zip lining. They made the day fun because of their personalities. It helped that our group was not a bunch of stiffs. Uncle George playing some Ziggy Marley "Beach in Hawaii" on the ride down was awesome. It's a must do, and we will be back next time we are in Maui!

- Apr 2016 -


My friends and I had the best time zip lining with Haleakala Sunrise Bike & Zip. It was my first time and I was very concerned about the whole thing but our guides Adam and Andre were so nice and explained everything in detail that I was able to relax and had the best time! Adam and Andre were very helpful, funny and professional. They helped us pose for some cool action shots! Adam & Andre you are the best! The ocean and forest views were amazing! We did the 8 zip line. Great choice. It must when in Maui.

- Nov 2017 -

Rheanna Badillo

A big mahalo to Annabelle and Kelly for making me feel comfortable and safe during our tour. I'm extremely afraid of heights and knowing I had experienced guides helped quite a bit. They made the tour enjoyable for me! P.S. the resident pig a cute twist to the morning.

- Nov 2017 -

Bill Juran

Thank you Jordan, Matt and Shannon! This was the highlight of our trip. We loved the zip lining and you three sealed the deal. Thank you! Wishing you all the best. Seattle Mom Beth.

- Jan 2018 -

Parker Bovenberg

The staff is friendly and the experience is one of a kind. It’s the first attraction on my mind every trip to Hawaii.

- Jan 2018 -

Eric Gardner

Shannon and Koko were amazing and lovely. Koko needs a promotion. Would do this again.

- Nov 2017 -

Breda Kennndy

Shannon and Dylan were great host - very witty and made me feel very safe. My 11 year old son loved it and wished he could it again tomorrow.


Cheyenne H.

Manny and Curan were amazing guides and were so knowledgeable of the land around us. In between lines we were told legends and tales of Maui's past and how...


Matthew L.

Went to the zipline in Haleakala. PJ and Hinano were excellent guides, providing some funny commentary along the way and some helpful tips. They have 5...


Liza M.

We got some recommendations from the concierge at our resort (who was born and raised in Maui) for ziplining options. He had actually gone on various...