Haleakala Sunset with Dinner

Why We Love It -  Enjoying sunset from 10,000 feet is one of our favorite pastimes. Experience the otherworldly panorama and magical colors as the day fades into night. Dinner and motor coach pick-up included.

Watch the day set into the sea from 10,000 feet!

Motor coach tour. This one of a kind Hawaii tour will give you the opportunity to visit the majestic Mount Haleakala as the sun descends into the Hawaiian night and creates a magical spectacle in the sky. Three course dinner included.

Everybody goes to Haleakala to see the sunrise and start their day.  Have you ever considered a later show? Introducing the only Maui tour that allows you to capture the stunning views and spectacular colors of the Haleakala Sunset.

Haleakala Sunset Tour Highlights
  • Travel in comfort and style on one of our luxury coaches with panoramic windows and air conditioning as you ascend Mount Haleakala
  • Enjoy the views at 7,000 ft above sea level at the Haleakala Ranger Station.
  • Amazing crater views at 9,740 ft at the Haleakala Visitor Center
  • One of a kind Haleakala sunset viewing with outstanding celestial displays
  • Journey down from the summit with views of Maui's lowlands
  • Family style dining at Cafe O'Lei at the Dunes with a three course dinner
After creating memories that will last a lifetime with your loved ones, you will be treated to a culinary delight at Cafe O'Lei at the Dunes, one of Maui's most talked about restaurants. As you savor this 3 course meal to end your perfect day, and share your experiences with your companions, you will agree that this Hawaii tour is well worth your time. 

This family friendly tour should not be missed by any of your loved ones. As dusk approaches in the Hawaiian Islands you will be floored by the cascading colors over the islands as you can see Maui's lowlands and off in the distance the neighboring islands.

Dress warmly for the summit of Haleakala (Temperatures 20-40 F) This tour is not recommended for people with heart or respiratory conditions that may be exacerbated due to high altitude. People who have gone scuba diving should wait 24 hours before going on this tour. No refunds if sunset not visible due to inclement weather conditions. This tour is operated on very rough, winding roads. It is not recommended for pregnant women or those with motion sickness.

Time 1:30pm hotel pick-up
Exact time of pick-up depends on resort location and is confirmed the day before your tour. 
Duration 8 hours
Location Hotel pick-up

Please view the cancellation policy and restrictions.

Cancellation Policy

If this tour is canceled with more than 24 hours notice, the total amount less 10% is refunded. If the tour is canceled without 24 hours notice, full charges apply. No shows incur full charges. Claims for refunds must be made within thirty days of the date of service. 

Last Minute Bookings

Please be aware that these bookings are subject to confirmation. If this is a same-day or next-day booking, there is a reasonable chance this will not be confirmed. For bookings that are confirmed, there will be no cancellations or refunds.


This tour is operated on very rough, winding roads. It is not recommended for pregnant women or those with back or motion problems. This tour operates daily and on all holidays. 

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Review Summary
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- Nov 2017 -

Jessica Morgan

We did the sunrise Haleakala tour. I definitely would not recommend it as a way to see the sunrise. It's only about an hour and fifteen minute drive from Kahului which could be easily done in a rental car. The tour takes 6.5 hours due to multiple stops and delays. The sunrise reservation and park entrance fees total only $26.50 per car as opposed to $150/adult for the tour. We had to change shuttle buses halfway here from the hotel shuttle to a larger bus. The included breakfast is very basic and includes a choice of fruit and yogurt, eggs and hash browns with breakfast meat, or pancakes with sausage. The tour guide/driver talks the entire time so if you want to enjoy the views in silence or with music, this is not the way to go. Passengers also cannot sleep on the way up to the summit because the guide talks constantly. You'll also get to the viewing point after most other people so all the good viewing spots are full. If you drive on your own, there are some restaurants you can stop at on the way down. Next time we will save our money and half the day and drive up on our own.

- Jul 2017 -

Cam Woolcock

Was on the Road to Hana with Peaches and Gavin. Great adventure, both tour guides had fantastic knowledge of the island and made the long day go very quickly! That road is insane, so props to Gavin for getting us all through safely. Definitely worth doing if visiting Maui!

- Jul 2017 -

Mike Lehman

For your own safety, DO NOT BOOK THIS EXCURSION!! This was a grueling 12 hour day with a local tour guide, who was knowledgeable, but was pretty annoying and kept bragging about his local family and where HE was raised on the East side of the island. The brochure we had said the lunch was at the 5-Star hotel in Hana, but it turned out it was a box lunch that we ate outside with an infestation of flies swarming us. This wouldn't have been all that bad if the buses air conditioning worked, but we had already been sweating most of the trip. The tour guide, being the "experienced native" that he is, drove like an absolute maniac on the most dangerous roads I've ever been on. Consistently driving twice the speed limit crossing over a double yellow line. He also had an odd aggression towards tourists. Anytime a tourist was driving in front of him, he would slam on the gas and ride the back of their cars until they would pull over so he could pass them. Overall this was just a horrible excursion. We got to see a few good views but they were limited to about 5 minutes. All of the bathrooms/portajohn's were disgusting and usually required a 15 minute wait for women (which significantly digs into the 20 minutes you have at each stop). I wouldn't do this tour again if they offered to pay me $500.

- Oct 2017 -

I Rocks

Just took a tour that was booked through Royal Caribbean. There was no air conditioning on bus 529 from the time that we first boarded the bus till we got to our first stop. We complained and we got back on the bus the air conditioning was functioning. We departed the bus for our second stop and when we got back on the bus again there was no ac. Also, his narration of the area was not understandable nor informative. Do not use this company unless you're only looking to take a ride in an non air conditioned bus!

- Jun 2017 -

Chris Laye

As you can see from other multiple reviews, the tour company misses picking up their guests far too often. You can EXPECT to be picked up late. I was picked up a hour and a half late after having to make multiple phone calls. Do yourself a favor and choose a different tour company. It's not worth the hassle.


Tamearle S.

Travis was all 5 stars. He made our experience amazing. We laughed and he showed us all of the beautiful Hawaiian traditions. We were here on our honeymoon...


Gabe P.

They don't call the road to Hana "The Divorce Hwy" for nothing! We've seen some spots where only 1 car could pass and backing up was absolutely crazy. And...


Lisa I.

We took the road to Hana tour with Ed, and it was amazing! He was so knowledgeable and made the trip fun. I would totally do it again. I can't wait for the...