Makena Kayak & Snorkel

Why We Love It -  Highly recommended. Get up close and personal with the rich reef-life of the Makena area. For a more romantic experience choose the private tour.

Enjoy the magical waters of Maui featuring breathtaking scenery and exotic marine life!

Seeing whales during the winter and turtles throughout the year and the occasional dolphin sightings makes this snorkeling adventure a favorite among guests.  Take advantage of our years of experience - we'll take you to the calmest waters where you'll see abundant marine life.

This tour includes a maritime naturalist guide and all your snorkeling gear. You will enjoy an educationally oriented, eco-friendly dive and kayak tour focused on ocean ecology, sea life, and the unique Hawaiian culture seeped in the tranquil Makena landscape.  

Makena offers clear and calm waters, guaranteed turtle sightings and exquisite views. Makena is tucked in the lee of Haleakala which typically blocks the trade winds providing an ideal snorkeling option for beginners and professionals alike. Makena is located on the south shore of Maui, on some of the island's only accessible raw untouched coastline. Come and explore the area with us!

Tour Includes
  • A certified maritime naturalist
  • Snorkeling fins and masks
  • Meshed snorkeling gear bag
  • Waterproof bag
  • Maui’s gold pineapples
  • Kayaking equipment
  • Beverages and food  
Deluxe Kayak Experience (+$25)
This four hour outing is for people who would like to get more snorkeling and paddling in the famous Turtle Town. You will experience the beautiful shores of Makena with two snorkeling destinations, amongst green sea turtles and sometimes even dolphins. It is ideal for people who want to spend more time in the water.

Private Kayak Adventure (+$54)
If you want to paddle vigorously or perhaps you've acclimated to island life and prefer to cruise, this private tour lets you go at your own pace. Your guide can show you secluded spots where you'll be on your own or for the adventurous types, explore the nooks and crannies of the Makena shoreline. The choice is yours! 
Time 7:15am
Duration 3 hours
Location Makena Landing

Please view the cancellation policy and restrictions. You can find addition information in frequently asked questions

Cancellation Policy

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy that means you have until 24 hours before the start of the trip to cancel or move your tour. If you simply don't show up and don't call we will have to charge your credit card at that point.

Last Minute Bookings

Please be aware that these bookings are subject to confirmation. If this is a same-day or next-day booking, there is a reasonable chance this will not be confirmed. For bookings that are confirmed, there will be no cancellations or refunds.


We use two person sit on top kayaks that can accommodate 500lbs. Its a good idea to be a person who enjoys the idea of getting outside and exploring, you don?t have to be a mountain climber by any stretch, but we will get some exercise!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the times of the kayak tours?

All kayak tours have a 7:15 check in and are usually launching by 7:45. We typically stay on the water for around 2.5 hours so landing by about 10:15 for the Ocean Adventure, 10:30 for the Private Tour and about 11:15 for the Whale Watch Snorkel. Sometimes we launch early and find ourselves landing by 10, other times we launch late and don?t land until after 11:30, the point is we don?t have a set itinerary so everyday ends up being a little different.

What do you do and see on your tours?

We combine paddling and snorkeling on our kayak tours so that we paddle to a snorkeling spot, drop anchor, and snorkel from our kayaks, getting in and out of our boats from the water. We do not land during our tours, but don?t worry, as we like to say, getting in and out of the kayaks is more entertaining than challenging! Although we never guarantee anything, turtles are a huge part of our tours but also lots of fish and reef life!

What about humpback whales?

From December 15th through May 15th Maui?s waters become the North Pacific Marine Whale Sanctuary when we get thousands of humpbacks migrating for mating and birthing purposes. We run kayak whale watches typically from late December through mid April when we have the best chance to encounter them from our shores.

Do we provide food?

We provide water and fresh cut Maui gold pineapple on all of our tours! We specialize in eco-friendly tourism and can recommend lots of great places to eat but we don?t handle food on the beach and do not have a certified kitchen to be able to do so. Just snacks for us!

Is there a size limit to our kayaks?

Kind of, but not too often. We use two person sit on top kayaks that can accommodate 500lbs. Its a good idea to be a person who enjoys the idea of getting outside and exploring, you don?t have to be a mountain climber by any stretch, but we will get some exercise!

What is included in the tour price?

Pretty much everything except tax and gratuity. We include gear, refreshments, and a quality guide throughout the experience.

What about weather?

Considering we offer completely weather dependent tours, we rarely have to cancel our trips. From time to time we have big waves or strong winds that force us to make some decisions. We have an honesty first policy though so we take the time to call guests before the trip if the weather is bad and talk options with them ranging from simply moving locations to rescheduling days.

What should I bring with me?

You should bring towels, sunglasses, water, sunscreens, long sleeve rash guards, hats, etc. In line with our Green Paddling Blue Water, we recommend using rash guards and hats and reusable water bottles when possible. We also carry a dry bag so you can bring phones, wallets, and keys as well. Please show up wearing swimsuits and water friendly shoes, flip flops are fine.


Review Summary
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- Jul 2017 -

Kaitlyn Coirazza

Makena Kayak & Snorkel is awesome! My husband and I called around 8:00pm hoping to get on a tour the next morning, and they were able to accommodate us right away! No other kayak company was even open at this time. On the day of the tour, our meetup location in Makena was easy to find and we quickly got in the water after a short kayaking lesson. Out on the water, we saw a couple turtles and were even able to snorkel with the turtles at a cleaning station! Our guide, Michelle, was also very understanding when my husband (along with another member of our group) got motion sick and needed to be brought back to shore before the rest of us could continue the tour. While this did cut into the time we were allowed to snorkel, it was still a great trip!

- Aug 2017 -

Daewoo Hong

When we stayed in Maui for a week, my wife and I went on 3 different snorkling tours and Makena Kayak & Snorkel was by far the best one! Our guide Jamie was very knowledgeable and he explained the marine ecosystem to us very thoroughly. He even brought in a book explaining different kinds of fish and their traits. Other tours would just let you jump off the boat, swim around in your snorkle gear until you get tired out. Jamie was constantly checking on his tourists and made sure that we were having a great time. We saw at least 5 giant turtles while we were snorkling, in addition to hundreds of exotic fishes that you would only see in Hawaii. Next time we are back in Maui, we are definitely going back to Makena Kayak & Snorkel. As a matter of fact, I have already spread the word to my friends and family!! Thank you Makena Kayak & Snorkel for the wonderful memories!

- Jan 2017 -

Ho'omana Ahupua'a

Our guide was amazing! She was so attentive to our every need. She gave us all the necessary instructions to make our experience fun and easy. She even pulled our kayaks in and out of the shoreline for us. While we were watching the whales, she told us countless stories about the ocean life, Hawaii and life on the sea. I felt completely calm and safe the whole time and the wildlife we encountered gave me the feeling that I was completely connected and one with the whales. Our guide Michelle knew exactly where to take us so that we could see turtles, exotic fish, and beautiful reef. My friend and I were visiting from Spain and Makena was an incredible place to kayak. We were able to look out at other islands and see the reef from our kayak. This was a five star experience and an adventure of a lifetime.

- Dec 2016 -

Trillium Eugene

This was a highlight of my visit to Maui. Griff was very helpful as this was my first kayaking trip ever. I felt so blessed to have been kayaking amongst the whales. At one point, they were swimming right under our boats. Such an amazing experience, and to top it off, snorkeling with all of the bright colorful fish and the meditative sea turtles was a real treat. You don't experiece Hawaii completely until you go down under to see the marine world. I love the respect Makena Kayak & Snorkel has for the earth and Hawaiian Culture. Thanks so much for a sweet experience I will always remember. Aloha!

- Aug 2016 -

Jessica Shepherd

Had a fantastic day on and in the water with Makena Kayak & Snorkel! My brother and I enjoyed a private kayak/snorkel tour with Michelle whom was an awesome guide--she not only had the spirit of Aloha but shared lots of her knowledge of the islands and really strived to make our time on the water a memorable one. We were fortunate to swim with the sea turtles and were delighted by all the other elements of the reef--from coral to tropical fish. Really appreciate the mentality of this company and their dedication to being mindful on the water and to the aquatic life. I will definitely be choosing them again for future adventures on Maui!


Josephine Y.

Peter was an amazing guide! He was very professional, knowledgable, & patient with us. I opted for the 4 hour kayak & snorkel package for $110, where you...


Juli N.

The family wanted to do an island activity, and chose 3-Hour Olowalu Kayaking and Snorkeling with Makena Kayak & Snorkel. Our stay was on Ka'anapali, and was...


Teresa R.

Alex was a wonderful guide and photographer. We purchased the picture package and were thrilled with the results. We never could have taken such great...