Maui Ocean Center


Come face-to-face with Hawaii's unique marine life

Experience the relaxed indoor-outdoor setting of The Hawaiian Aquarium. Our friendly marine naturalists are available to answer questions and to share fascinating fish facts and ocean stories with guests. Explore Hawaiian waters - from the active surge zone, to the shallow reefs to the vast open ocean - without ever getting wet, and encounter native fish, Hawaiian green sea turtles, 6 species of sharks, and more.

The Aquarium allows guests to conveniently explore Hawaii's underwater world without ever getting wet. It is home to the world's largest collection of live Pacific corals, faithfully replicating thriving marine ecosystems in every exhibit. A mix of over 60 indoor-outdoor exhibits allow guests to discover Hawaii's marine life in a single day that would otherwise take a lifetime of exploration to see. Venture through the 750,000-gallon Open Ocean Exhibit featuring a 54 ft walk-through tunnel, observe Hawaiian green sea turtles from two views, and see some of the oceans most elusive creatures up close.  Aptly named The Aquarium of Hawaii, Maui Ocean Center is dedicated to perpetuating the Hawaiian culture and the relationship that exists between the Hawaiian people and the sea.

CENTER features
  • The Living Reef - one of the few aquariums in the world with live coral on display
  • Turtle Lagoon - Get up close and personal with Hawaiian green sea turtles at this outdoor two-view exhibit
  • Hammerhead Harbor - Nicknamed the "nursery" shark pups and stingrays live here until their ready to move tot he Open Ocean exhibit.
  • The Tide Pool - Get a hands-on feel for Hawaii's invertebrates at the Tide Poo
  • Marine Mammal Discovery Center - View interpretive displays of the humpback whale and dolphins that are found in Hawaiian waters, plus the endangered Hawaiian monk sea
  • Hawaiians and the Sea - Explore the close relationship between the ancient Hawaiians and the Pacific Ocean in this inspiring exhibit
  • Sea Jelly Gallery - Watch moon jellies as they appear to dance before your eyes in a stunning floor-to-ceiling cylinder
  • The Open Ocean - A 54-foot-long clear acrylic tunnel transports you through this 750,000-gallon underwater realm

Behind-the-Scenes Tour +$14.95
Dive into new depths of knowledge with a Marine Naturalist-led tour! Tours are approximately 1-hour long. Learn about the endangered Hawaiian green sea turtle and discover fascinating facts about the most misunderstood denizen of the deep - the shark - on this hour-long marine naturalist-guided tour. You'll have the rare opportunity to sneak a peek behind-the-scenes and participate in a feeding at the Turtle Lagoon and Hammerhead Harbor!

Time Park is open 9am to 5pm
Open until 6pm in July and August
Duration 2 hours
Location Ma'alaea

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Cancellation Policy

24 hour cancellation notice required.

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Review Summary
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- Jan 2018 -

Ms Filipina Traveler1

Nice moderately sized aquarium. They bring in water from the ocean and according to them, all of the animals and coral in their exhibit are returned to the ocean at some point. Many are there to grow bigger or to rehabilitate and then released which is pretty cool. The exhibits are large and beautiful. Its nice to know that the center seems to have the health and well being of the animals in mind rather than just profits. I would stop here again in the future.

- Jan 2018 -

Anastasiia Stratiievska

amazing expo! We loved the naturalist presentations, especially the one with sharks. Loved what they were doing to increase the population of sea-turtles and how they were using ocean water, filtering it and putting it clean back to the ocean! Very good educational materials all over the center for both adults and kids. Money and time well spent!

- Dec 2017 -

Eric Schroeder

We came here on a rainy day, not being able to enjoy the beach and all. Overall I felt there could have been more to see. (we made our way through in under an hour) Lot's of small tanks with fish you would see while snorkeling in Maui. They do have a huge tank with a short walk through glass tunnel, which was very impressive. Seeing three foot sharks swimming right beside you is very cool. If you have kids, they will really enjoy this place, as an adult, (minus the huge tank and tunnel) it was not super exciting.

- Dec 2017 -

Julie Kelley

This is a great little aquarium. At first, I was disappointed that there were no mammals, but after making my way through and seeing the reasoning behind it, I am a believer! The Hawaiian people value and respect nature, and mammals need more stimulation than an aquarium can provide. Even though this would be a bug moneymaker, they chose the responsible option. Only a couple of hours to walk through, so won't take up your entire day. Great on-site restaurant, relaxed feel, knowledgeable staff.

- Dec 2017 -

Sean Dufresne

The Maui Ocean Center is a great place to spend a few hours with the family. The parking is free, and the site is wheelchair friendly. There is a scavenger hunt available for the kids. Admission for a week pass is only $10 more than a day pass. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. When asked what was a favorite. Our little one responded "All of it". Restaurants are close, so afterwards you can enjoy a beverage by the sea side. Wonderful.


Jill P.

I agree with most other reviewers. Compared to the Waikiki Aquarium, this is a way better option. I've been to some amazing aquariums around the world...


Robert C.

I spent 4 consecutive days snorkeling looking at the fish in the ocean, before deciding I get a better view at Maui Ocean Center (MOC). Admission is $30...


Richard L.

The Ocean Center was pretty neat. The price seemed to be ok. We purchased the tickets online and used a promocode "airport" to receive a little...