Maui Ocean Center


Come face-to-face with Hawaii's unique marine life

Experience the relaxed indoor-outdoor setting of The Hawaiian Aquarium. Our friendly marine naturalists are available to answer questions and to share fascinating fish facts and ocean stories with guests. Explore Hawaiian waters - from the active surge zone, to the shallow reefs to the vast open ocean - without ever getting wet, and encounter native fish, Hawaiian green sea turtles, 6 species of sharks, and more.

The Aquarium allows guests to conveniently explore Hawaii's underwater world without ever getting wet. It is home to the world's largest collection of live Pacific corals, faithfully replicating thriving marine ecosystems in every exhibit. A mix of over 60 indoor-outdoor exhibits allow guests to discover Hawaii's marine life in a single day that would otherwise take a lifetime of exploration to see. Venture through the 750,000-gallon Open Ocean Exhibit featuring a 54 ft walk-through tunnel, observe Hawaiian green sea turtles from two views, and see some of the oceans most elusive creatures up close.  Aptly named The Aquarium of Hawaii, Maui Ocean Center is dedicated to perpetuating the Hawaiian culture and the relationship that exists between the Hawaiian people and the sea.

CENTER features
  • The Living Reef - one of the few aquariums in the world with live coral on display
  • Turtle Lagoon - Get up close and personal with Hawaiian green sea turtles at this outdoor two-view exhibit
  • Hammerhead Harbor - Nicknamed the "nursery" shark pups and stingrays live here until their ready to move tot he Open Ocean exhibit.
  • The Tide Pool - Get a hands-on feel for Hawaii's invertebrates at the Tide Poo
  • Marine Mammal Discovery Center - View interpretive displays of the humpback whale and dolphins that are found in Hawaiian waters, plus the endangered Hawaiian monk sea
  • Hawaiians and the Sea - Explore the close relationship between the ancient Hawaiians and the Pacific Ocean in this inspiring exhibit
  • Sea Jelly Gallery - Watch moon jellies as they appear to dance before your eyes in a stunning floor-to-ceiling cylinder
  • The Open Ocean - A 54-foot-long clear acrylic tunnel transports you through this 750,000-gallon underwater realm

Behind-the-Scenes Tour +$14.95
Dive into new depths of knowledge with a Marine Naturalist-led tour! Tours are approximately 1-hour long. Learn about the endangered Hawaiian green sea turtle and discover fascinating facts about the most misunderstood denizen of the deep - the shark - on this hour-long marine naturalist-guided tour. You'll have the rare opportunity to sneak a peek behind-the-scenes and participate in a feeding at the Turtle Lagoon and Hammerhead Harbor!

Time Park is open 9am to 5pm
Open until 6pm in July and August
Duration 2 hours
Location Ma'alaea

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Cancellation Policy

24 hour cancellation notice required.

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- Mar 2018 -

Jamie Down

This aquarium is great! We had so much fun, all the fish they have are beautiful, and native to Hawaii, so it was very educational. It was fun to see so many of the same fish I had seen snorkeling earlier that morning! The demonstrations were also really great! We did the touch pool demo where many of the sea stars and urchins were pulled up closer so you could feel them, we did the sea turtle demo where they feed the turtles and talk about their habits and life span, and lastly the live dive into the shark tank! All 3 were awesome and educational! I wish we had come in the morning so we could have seen the rest of the demos since there were quite a few we missed. We were here for about 3.5 hours, I wish we had like 1 more hour here, that would have been just enough time! The entire aquarium was clean, the staff was friendly, and everything to look at was beautiful!

- Apr 2018 -

Andrew Schwalbe

I enjoyed this aquarium but don't expect to spend an entire day here. As an adult with no children with me I took things slower and still only spent a couple hours here. Families with children went through pretty quickly. The exhibits they have are good though and I appreciated how they ordered them. A highlight is the large aquarium with a tube going through it that you can walk through. But I also enjoyed the touching pond and jellyfish exhibit.

- Apr 2018 -

Brady Estes

Awesome aquarium! I would say the one on Oahu is slightly better, but they have lots of cool exhibits here. They had sea turtles here and they took them out to do measurements which was very exciting to watch. I was also able to see a shark feeding. The staff are energized, willing to answer all questions, and their love for animals shines through.

- Apr 2018 -

Marc Bridgham

We visit most every time we come to the Islands. This trip it was a nice way to kill some time before we sadly had to head for the airport. It's a very well done small aquarium. We brought our girls here when they were young and now my near 30 year old still sits mesmerized in front of the large tanks. Highly recommended. It is well designed, well run, well staffed, and well stocked.

- Feb 2018 -

Konstantinos Rizakos

This is a decent aquarium, albeit quite expensive for the modest offerings on view ($100 single admission for 2 adults + 2 kids, $240 for a family annual pass). The shark exhibit is quite nice, and the talks by the enthusiastic staff are very informative. A great surprise was the excellent restaurant on the premises which had a lot of sea fare - although not the species on show! Overall I would not recommend for tourists, except on a rainy day or with sufficiently old children that reading the exhibit text pays off. On another note, getting an annual pass and leveraging it as a weekend playground for a local family is a great deal!


Jamie V.

Most certainly worth the $30.00 admission fee. This is a very impressive aquarium. It's on the smaller side but has great things to see. All the tropical...


Jasmine O.

Tons of marine life exhibits to look and interact with. I learned a lot about the history of the native species to Maui, and the steps that have been taken...


Ryan W.

Expected more but it was ok for the kids. Very expensive to get in and the food is as well. Dark inside and half of it is outside which would be ok except...