Maui Spectacular

Why We Love It -  The best way to get a full island experience like nothing on land or sea can offer. Includes Upcountry landing with champagne toast!

See Hana, Haleakala, and West Maui, plus an Upcountry landing for an awesome panoramic view and refreshments.

Emerald rainforests, the moon-like vistas of Haleakala, the rolling Alpine-like meadows of Upcountry and the jagged cliffs and cascading waterfalls of the West Maui Mountains are all some of Maui's most magnificent sights, accessible only by air. Maui boasts views that satisfy the most demanding adventurers.

90 minute deluxe tour

This is a combination of our West Maui and Hana/Haleakala Tours - with an exciting bonus! This detailed tour of the entire island begins with a flight exploration of the most magnificent West Maui valleys, rainforest, and waterfalls. Then we land at our scenic and exclusive remote landing site at Ulupalakua Ranch, on the slopes of Haleakala. Refreshments are served while you enjoy the breathtaking scenery and pastoral setting for approximately 20 minutes. The flight then continues for a 45-minute exploration of East Maui, including Hana & Haleakala.

Tours include
  • Bose® aviation-grade noise-canceling headsets
  • 4-camera digital DVD in-flight recording
  • Two-way communication between you and your expert pilot - each of whom is a State of Hawaii Certified Tour Guide
  • The most honored mechanics and customer service in the industry
  • Tour routes and sights visited may vary according to wind and weather conditions.
  • A high quality, live DVD recording is made of your actual flight and may be purchased after your tour for $25.
  • A High Definition, live Blu-Ray Disc or USB Stick recording is made of your actual flight and may be purchased after your tour for $40.
Airbus "A-Star"
  • Less personal space than the Eco-Star but with a similar open cabin design for 180º views from each seat. Somewhat less viewing glass than the Eco-Star. 
  • The A-Star is the most utilized tour helicopter in the world.
Upgrade to an Airbus "Eco-Star"
  • Featuring state-of-the-art, Eco-Star Helicopters. Our aircraft incorporate all the latest in cutting-edge technologies and offer incomparable passenger comfort and fantastic sweeping views. 
  • Eco-Star's 23% increase in cabin space over the A-Star affords significantly greater personal space for guests, along with improved visibility with over 65 square feet of glass for 180 degree unobstructed views. 
  • Eco-Star features superior comfort; individual seats for every passenger afford the kind of shoulder room and personal space found in airline "First Class" seating.
  • Eco-Star features raised rear seating and wrap-around glass cockpit, for significantly improved visibility from every seat.
  • Eco-Star cost is over $2 million - approximately 30% more than a new A-Star.
Time Departures vary between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. 
Time selection indicates your preference. We will try to get as close to your preferred time as possible. Exact check-in and flight times will be given with confirmation.
Duration Approximately 90 minutes
Location Kahului Heliport

Please view the cancellation policy and restrictions. You can find addition information in frequently asked questions

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice in order to change or cancel your reservation. Tours cancelled with less than 24 hours affect other guests booked on the flight and don't allow enough time to resell the cancelled seats. Reservations cancelled within 24 hours will be assessed a 50% cancellation fee. No-shows will be assessed a 100% cancellation fee. If you need to change or cancel your reservation please provide us with 24 hours notice prior to your tour time and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Last Minute Bookings

Please be aware that these bookings are subject to confirmation. If this is a same-day or next-day booking, there is a reasonable chance this will not be confirmed. For bookings that are confirmed, there will be no cancellations or refunds.


FAA regulations require us to weigh all guests and bags at check-in. We do this discreetly for your privacy. Please be accurate as possible when providing weight information. 

For each guest weighing more than 260 pounds on Eco-Star flights or more than 250 pounds on A-Star flights, an adjacent, empty seat purchase is required. The charge for an adjacent empty seat is 50% off of the regular tour price. This open seat ensures the comfort for you and all of our guests on your flight. 

Credit cards are charged upon confirmation of a reservation. Full refunds will be made for any cancellation with at least 24 hours notice prior to scheduled flight time.

Any child under 24 months of age is welcome as a lap child at no charge. Children 24 months and over require an individual full-fare seat. 

Tour routes and sights visited may vary according to wind and weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make a video of our actual tour? How long is it?
Every flight is captured on a high quality DVD. Each helicopter is equipped with four cameras; three external and one in the cabin. The video recording begins during the boarding process. On the video, you'll most likely first see yourself as you approach the aircraft for boarding. To orchestrate the most interesting video, the pilot chooses between the forward, side or internal camera as the flight progresses. The cabin camera, for example, usually shows you right after lift-off as it is so much fun to capture our guests' expressions of amazement. The recording is continuous until landing and includes digital quality music chosen to complement the changing scenery, plus all the pilot's narration. The video is available for purchase right after you return from your flight.

What should we wear?
Our helicopters are temperature-controlled so dress comfortably but wear dark clothing to minimize any window reflections. If your flight includes a landing at higher elevations, bring a sweater in case it's chilly. Hats are not allowed to be worn around the helicopters as they can fly up into the rotors and damage the aircraft. We will be happy to hold any hats for you until you return from your tour.

Do you recommend taking anti-motion sickness medication?
If you are particularly prone to motion sickness, taking a precautionary anti-motion sickness medication is a good idea. However, our flights are very smooth and turns are slow and gentle. This is a professional scenic tour, not a thrill ride. Most people do not experience motion sickness and do not need an anti-motion sickness medication.

When is the best time to fly?
We suggest that you book your helicopter flight prior to arrival in Hawaii. This assures you of a tour time that fits into your vacation plans. It?s also wise to book your tour for the early part of your stay. That way if your pilot determines that weather conditions on a particular day are not optimal for a tour, you will have some options for re-scheduling. As far as the best time of day for a helicopter tour, you should primarily consider your personal schedule. Most of the time we are blessed with beautiful weather in Hawaii and the time of day, whether it be morning or afternoon, will make no difference. If we happen to have a rainy weather pattern the pilot will consult weather reports and other pilots who have been flying to determine if we can operate a good tour. Blue Hawaiian does not want to take our guests on a flight unless we are reasonably certain we can give you an excellent experience.

How much experience do your pilots have?
All pilots are highly experienced. In fact, we believe that this is the most experienced group of helicopter tour pilots anywhere in the world, and each of them is required to obtain certification as a State of Hawaii Tour Guide. Furthermore, Blue Hawaiian is the only helicopter tour company in Hawaii with its own state-of-the-art Flight Simulator, and the only one that puts its pilots through annual factory and FAA recurrent training.

Will we be the only ones in the helicopter? How is seating arranged?
Unless you charter the complete helicopter you will be sharing the flight with other guests. We try to seat couples and families side-by-side as much as possible. We cannot guarantee particular seating as it is often dictated by our FAA approved weight and balance program. However, visibility from every seat is excellent in both our A-Stars and Eco-Stars, since there are no cabin partitions that would block part of the view as is the case on other types of helicopters.  

Are we guaranteed to see all of the sights mentioned in your tour descriptions?
The points of interest mentioned in our tour descriptions are highlights of the tour, which we always do our best to show you depending on wind and weather. Each tour is unique in that we'll show you the best currently available scenery while also trying to accommodate all of your special requests within the generally allotted time.

How low do you fly?
A Federal Aviation Administration altitude restriction of 1500 feet has been in effect since 1994 with deviations to 500 ft. on each major Hawaiian Island. Virtually all helicopter operators in Hawaii share the same deviation authority from the FAA to fly as low as 500 feet in the tour areas.


Review Summary
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- Jul 2016 -


Maui Spectacular - Lived up to it's name! My family of three throughly enjoyed the Maui Spectacular tour. The trip was around 1.5 hours and included a brief landing at a remote ranch, with champagne served alongside the beautiful view. The pilot was very engaging and the scenery simply stunning, it felt like we were in the Jurasic Park movie! We travelled on the Eco helicopter and you could easily see from all seats.. There were 7 seats on our flight and we were all told where to sit, based on our weight( this is done discretely!) The company are very professional and the whole booking process very easy. You are not allowed to take any bags, including camera bags, on board and iPads and selfie sticks are also not permitted. They do have lockers, refreshments available and a vending machine. Your flight is recorded and can be purchased for around $40... Parking is chargeable at $7 and the machine does not give change but does accept cards.. Highly recommend!

- May 2016 -

Sarah M

Maui Spectacular, indeed! We chose the Maui Spectacular tour, which is 90 minutes with a stop for a couple of glasses of sparkling pineapple wine at a remote location on top of a mountain with a breathtaking view -- spectacular, to say the least. We were a little nervous, since this was our first time in a helicopter. However, Tim, our pilot who was a former search & rescue firefighter in Maui, quickly allayed our fears. He was knowledgeable about the island, and the ride was smooth. We definitely saw parts of the island that we would not have seen otherwise. Tim's awesome music playlist during the ride is also worth mentioning! We would highly recommend this trip to any first-time Hawaii visitors. Another couple was on our tour, and they had done it before but found it was worth doing again! We expect we'll be that couple during our next trip to Maui!

- Jul 2015 -

Herb E

We booked the Maui Spectacular tour and were a little disappointed that they had to over us a different route due to the weather. However, the views we got were beautiful, and the landing for a couple of glasses of Champaign on the mountain hill, had spectacular views. Would definitely recommend.

- May 2018 -

Michael Quinn

We had an incredible flight with Blue Hawaiian and did the complete island tour. Despite the rainy weather, our pilot made sure we saw as many breathtaking sights as possible. We did the road to Hana loop the day before and seeing it from the sky now was even more incredible. All the staff was friendly, polite, and so welcoming. If you think you've seen Maui by land, you haven't seen the half of this remarkable island. Thanks Blue Hawaiian for giving us this wonderful memory.

- Jun 2018 -

Jubin Edachery

We did the Maui spectacular which covers the whole island with a 20 min stop and it was an amazing experience. Staff and pilot were very friendly and covered some spectacular sights and water falls. The stop in the middle of a ranch was very nice too - with great views. The pricing is a little steep (~380 a person) - but i wanted the Eco star copters - which are more comfortable, and less noisy than the A-star (which is cheaper). After an hour into the trip, i started feeling a little queasy (but Your Equilibrium May Vary), so it was tad bit too long for me (may do a shorter one next time). And we took a 3 year old with us - which was not worth it - kids invariable fall asleep or feel very sleepy on copter rides like these (didn't know that) and don't really enjoy as much. And we had to purchase a full seat (anyone over 2). Something to keep in mind if you are coming with toddlers. Otherwise it was a great experience!

- Jul 2018 -

Kevin Dwight

Read the reviews ahead of time and decided to give the folks at Blue Hawaiian a try. Was concerned about window time based on some reviewers but this experience was friendly (Marc), well organized (ground crew), on time (every spectate), and very informative (pilot). The pilot Rick was easy going, had a great voice, clearly enunciated everything, and was very knowledgeable. I tossed him some fairly difficult geology and biology questions and he did very well giving great answers without overthinking it. I would highly recommend this operator. Yes, paying to park seems silly but it has to be some airport property issue as there are multiple operations using the heliport at the Maui airport.

- May 2018 -

Moi Varti

Their customer service will even lie to make you buy their tickets. Seat requests are worthless as you're seated randomly as per their "computer weight and balance" program. I was promised the front row seats, then discovered it was a lie during check in. The flight was postponed 2 times due to weather, then I was promised the left seats, and to my surprise we didn't even get those. The helicopter was obviously unbalanced in weight due to the 2 bigger guys that ended up on the left, vs my petite wife and me on the right. Their eco helicopter doesn't look state of the art once inside. The right side door was rattling all the time but at least the avionics looked decent. The pilot had a nice attitude during the flight and gave us a lot of info about the landscape and mountains we flew over. Some of the views were really nice and that kind of compensated the whole fiasco. I'll probably try another and should have tried a different helicopter company. Some of their customer service reps were nasty, some OK, some better.

- May 2018 -

Google User

My fiance and I did the complete island tour Maui in April 2018 with Glenda and it was amazing. It was a windy day and we were worried it would be canceled but it was no problem for them. Everyone was friendly & polite. I'm a nervous flyer and wasn't sure about the whole deal but Glenda was fantastic. Once we got up and going I felt very comfortable with her at the controls. She was a cool cucumber (it was windy and we had what I consider a little rough air) and her experience showed (26 years of flying I believe she said). The views were fantastic, Glenda had a plethora of knowledge of Maui and the other islands. She accommodated other passengers requests for turning around and getting better viewpoints for them (I thought was totally unnecessary as every viewpoint from the copter is amazing). Definitely wear dark clothes and if you have light/fair skin like me consider wearing longer dark shorts or pants (I could see my pale leg reflection!) Really mesmerizing and unique way to experience the islands. We were seated in the back, middle and left side of the eco-star.


Gull P.

We had an amazing pilot, his name was Mike S. Super friendly, very personable, and knowledgable about the island history and land marks. It was so good, I...


Jason K.

Captain Mike was our guide during our 20 year anniversary flight around the whole island of Maui. Super nice guy. This was his retirement job he said....


Sparta C.

Blue Hawaiian Maui: Don't waste your tourist dollars. If you are unlucky enough to sit on the right side, in the back, you will not see anything but OCEAN...