Why We Love It -  Stunning visuals and Maui's only cultural stage production. Unlike the other shows, Ulalena is not a luau with dinner, but a full theater production.

Your dose of culture in Maui

A trip to Hawaii is not complete without experiencing 'Ulalena at Maui Theatre. Called a "stunning theatrical sensation" by National Geographic, 'Ulalena shares the rich history of Hawaii through authentic Hawaiian music, dance and over 100 instruments played live - all masterfully portrayed in a dynamic, colorful, emotional, and entertaining theatrical performance.

Ulalena is a must-see attraction when on Maui.

You'll be swept away on the same journey as the Hawaiian people - from the creation of the islands to the early island explorers. You'll visit volcanoes, vast oceans and primeval rainforests while meeting the Gods who rule each.A family-friendly & award-winning show, 'Ulalena blends traditional theatre with acrobatic feats of strength and beauty. Together, the rich costumes, lighting and stage effects transform the Maui Theatre into an intimate oasis. Expect to be mesmerized by 'Ulalena from beginning to end.

There is a wind and rain particular to Maui that rises at twilight. It whispers of other places and other times, both mythic and real. It blows between daylight and night, between times and worlds. It is hopeful and cleansing. The ancient Hawaiian name for this wind is 'Ulalena. It is also the name of the newest and most amazing stage production to come from Hawai'i in decades.

The power of this production is that it is both universal and intimate. It is born from a mythology populated by beings larger than life representing a natural landscape alive with volcanoes, vast oceans and primeval rain forests. The story begins with the mythical creation of the islands and rolls through successive waves of voyagers who have found their way to these shores. From the first Polynesians to the early European explorers, and finally to us.

'Ulalena - The new era of golden people face their future as the 'Ulalena rain embraces them - their essence and spirit molded into a way of life that is close to nature.

Silver: Seats in the last two rows of the theater or better depending on availability.
Gold +$10: Guaranteed seats in rows 8 to 11.
Platinum +$20: Guaranteed seats in the first 7 rows of the theater.
Time 4:30pm check-in
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Duration 1.5 hours
Location Lahaina

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All photography and video is prohibited during the performance. 
No outside food, drink, or chewing gum is permitted. An in-house concession stand sells popcorn, candy, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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Review Summary
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- Jul 2016 -

Francis G

I didn't know what to expect but my wife and I really enjoyed this show. It is an evocative journey through the history of the Hawaiian people told through modern dance, chants and music. The dancers were wonderful, and many of the scenes were moving. Brilliant production, I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn more about Hawaiian culture and tradition beyond the luau.

- Feb 2016 -


Very entertaining and a nice break from the Sun or on a rainy day. Actors are authentic and the story is perfect for this Island.

- Jul 2016 -

Lee Kay

The costuming and choreography were good, the music was great (the live musicians were outstanding), but the story was weak and disjointed. Rather than providing a good overview of Hawaiian history, the show skips over most aspects except for how the islands changed when Europeans and other immigrants showed up. Very little or nothing at all about the incredible polynesian navigators who first settled the islands, the successive waves of polynesian immigrants, and the challenges they faced before the 18th century.

- Mar 2016 -


We saw this 3 times; every time we go to Maui, we call up to reserve a performance! Pure, delightful entertainment from the 1st second until the last minute. Riveting music, percussion, outfits, theatrics, crafted with stunning visuals. A bit like Cirque du Soleil. Wonderfully stylized stories (Capt. Cook's arrival, the immigrants toiling the sugar cane fields in unison, to drum beats, the mythical creatures -- all very emotional & touching). Absolutely 1st rate, as if you were in NY or SF! You'll be so glad you went. Not just for kids, but teens & adults will all be WOWED.

- Dec 2017 -

Catherine Siermacheski

Skip the commercialized luau's people, and tell your concierge you want tickets to see this fabulous production. There is also the option to have a buffet style dinner with the cast afterwords, something our concierge knew nothing about. Great singing, guitar, drumming and sound effects all beautifully done! Stage work, acting, singing, props, dancing, audience involvement, all amazing!!! If you want to understand just a small portion of the history of the Maui people before and after colonization, you've got to see this. Well done!

- Feb 2018 -

Wayne Godzicki

Excellent show... talented cast and musicians... very friendly staff... have seen the show three times over the years that we visit Maui.. you should check it out... makes for a nice evening...

- Jan 2018 -

Rachel Snow

Ulalena was incredible! The show was magical, enchanting and mesmerizing! I could feel the energy and passion from the performers. It exceeded all expectations. My 11 year old daughter loved it also. I think she was pleasantly surprised by how much she loved it. I will sugges the show to all people going to Maui. Mahalo for the experience.

- Sep 2017 -

Paige Parker

Amazing show. Goes through some of Hawaii's history and kind of explains some of the gods and demigods. Like background music and sound effects. And just a little air acrobatics (cirque du Soleil type of stuff). Cast is super friendly and took pictures with my family at the end of the show. Standing ovation.

- Jun 2017 -

Griffen Wolfe

Incredible performance depicting Hawaii's long and troubled history. I was most impressed by the soundtrack, all of it is sung and played live by singers and musicians both on stage and off. It is dramatic, intense, emotional, and very enjoyable. A must see if you are visiting Hawaii and want to learn more about its culture and history.


Veronica L.

I cannot rave enough about this inspiring production. I tear up just at the thought of its beauty and magnificence. Truly a body of art. My heart was first...


Niloo S.

An amazing show. Beautiful modern dance tells an emotional history of Maui. Great for kids and grown ups, we took the whole family. Everyone visiting Maui's...


Ella A.

This show is visually Appealing. The theatrics, lighting and role play is top notch. The music is impreccable, the singing is flawless and its completely...