Hike Haleakala Volcano

Why We Love It -  Immerse yourself in the surreal beauty of Haleakala's Mars-like crater and get to know an extremely unique ecosystem filled with rare, native species.

Haleakala's energy is intense, ethereal, and absolutely silent.

The splendor of Haleakala and the silence of this volcanic wonder provide a powerful experience for our guests. Prepare for an amazing day!

A visit to Maui is not complete without experiencing Haleakala Crater - a magnificent amphitheater of silence, and a place of beauty that always evokes awe. Our crater tour offers an adventure through two very different environments high up on this dormant volcano. On a clear day, you can see neighboring volcanoes.

The grandeur and silence of Haleakala provide a profound experience
  • Hike into both sides of Haleakala; each environment is very different from the other, so both should be experienced to gain a true appreciation for this natural phenomenon.
  • Two-mile hike at the 10,000-foot summit where huge cinder cones dominate the desert-like, expansive scenery.
  • Two-mile hike at 8,000 ft. on a lava trail lined with rare native plant species.
  • Views stretch for miles in all directions.
  • Nutritious lunch and snacks included.

Our world-class guides are the secret ingredient for your experience; they will entertain and keep you informed throughout your tour. Each of our guides has a true passion for adventure, the island of Maui, and Hawaii's rich culture and history.

Time: 7 hours
Length: 4 miles
Time 8 am
Duration 8 hours
Location Hotel pick-up

Please view the cancellation policy and restrictions. You can find addition information in frequently asked questions

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel 48 hours or more prior to the date of the event, you will receive a full refund less a 10% cancellation fee. If you cancel within 48 hours for any reason, you will receive no refund. If Hike Maui cancels (which we do for dangerous weather), you will receive a full 100% refund.

Last Minute Bookings

Please be aware that these bookings are subject to confirmation. If this is a same-day or next-day booking, there is a reasonable chance this will not be confirmed. For bookings that are confirmed, there will be no cancellations or refunds.


Age minimum 8 years old.
You will be required to sign this Participation Agreement on the day of the hike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need a bathroom? Porta potties or toilets are near most trailheads. After that, search for privacy foliage. 

Should we use our own backpacks? We prefer you use ours, then you don?t accidentally walk off with our gear, and you don?t get your pack dirty. 

What are these ninja water shoes? Japanese tabis (fishermen shoes). The felt sole clings to wet, mossy rocks better than any other shoe. They can be slippery in mud, however. Best to wear them in the water, not on the hike. 

Bugs love you? Got a bite? Ask your guide for AfterBite -- pharmaceutical ammonia that neutralizes the toxin. Takes away the itch. Also very good for bee, spider, scorpion, centipede and hornet stings. 

What are flash floods? Sudden, very rapid flooding in streams, due to heavy rainfall. Rare, but get out of the water if your guide blows a whistle. You need to react very quickly and head for high ground. Listen to your guide. 

Do you have medical issues? (back, knees, heart, diabetes, pregnancy) Write these down below or tell your guide. 

Is tipping the guide common? Yes, this is a service industry. If you're happy with your guide, a 10-15% tip is the best way to show appreciation. 


Review Summary
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- Aug 2018 -

Nicole M.

Had an excellent time with Dawn on the Haleakala day trip. She was the most energetic person I met on the island! She shared all kinds of interesting tidbits about Maui and about other hiking trips she has done. She also made sure we were well fed all day. I only wish we would have had time to book another day trip with them.

- Jun 2018 -


We scheduled 2 hikes with Hike Haleakala Volcano - the Haleakal? Crater hike (Marco was our guide) and the East Maui Waterfall hike with Sarah. Both hikes were amazing - the crater hike was a tough workout but Marco explained so much of our surroundings and history of Hawaii, it was such a great learning experience. The waterfall hike with Sarah was beautiful - we found and were able to try fresh passion fruit, ice cream beans, ginger nectar - Sarah took great picture of our family and was passionate and knowledgeable - our girls loved jumping into the waterfalls and trekking through the water getting wet. They bring simple home-made lunches and treats, plus rain jackets and backpacks if needed. Make sure you bring water shoes for the waterfall hike!

- Jun 2018 -

Elaine J

Excellent! And got 12,000 steps, 37 floors in! Worth it - we had a beautiful day And the views were spectacular! Tony, our guide, was informative, and fed us constantly!