Te Au Moana Luau


A constant among the vast generations of Hawaiians and Polynesians is the ocean tide. The tide linking all of Oceania, Te Au Moana, shares the ancestral storytelling of the people of Maui and the Pacific through lavish songs and dances.

Te Au Moanatranslated as “the ocean tide,” has always been a constant throughout Oceania, connecting our islands, peoples, and generations. Our Polynesian ancestors traversed these ocean tides for ages and revered them for their life-sustaining properties. Their stories, which spoke of their expert skills in fishing, gathering, and voyaging, demonstrated the tremendous depths of knowledge and respect they had to the Earth and its elements. As Hawaii’s premier entertainment company, Tihati Productions endeavors to bring these stories to life at Te Au Moana: The Ocean Tide. We invite you to dine as the ocean sits peacefully before you, as it has for thousands of years. We ask you to dance under the Maui skies; the moon and stars await you, and we hope that you discover all the fascinating stories at Te Au Moana: The Ocean Tide, a spectacular l??au experience like no other!

Other highlights:
• Ancestral Hawaiian stories told through lavish song & dance
• Luau grounds with a stunning Oceanside backdrop
• Three Course Menu served family style at your table
• Open bar
• Pork roasted underground in a traditional imu
• Receive a fresh flower or kukui nut lei, or carved wooden necklace (subject to availability)
Location Wailea Beach Resort – Marriott, Maui
3700 Wailea Alanui
Wailea – Maui, HI 96753

Please view the cancellation policy and restrictions.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, Te Au Moana Luau requires 24 hours notice to avoid having to pay any cancellation fees. 

Last Minute Bookings

Please be aware that these bookings are subject to confirmation. If this is a same-day or next-day booking, there is a reasonable chance this will not be confirmed. For bookings that are confirmed, there will be no cancellations or refunds.


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- Oct 13, 2022 -

Sue P.

Amazing! We booked the VIP seating and was seated right up at the front. We were greeted with a kukui nut lei and seated at our table. They had...  more

- Sep 15, 2022 -

Rachel D.

After receiving this luau as a recommendation, I am SO glad this was the choice we made. We paid for the VIP tickets and didn't have to wait in any lines...  more

- Aug 13, 2022 -

Dana S.

Winner - Winner - Fabulous Luau Dinner! You just never know, do you? You book these things and then wait and pray it is at least halfway decent....  more