Kanaio Sea Caves & Molokini

We can?t accommodate pregnant passengers, fragile elderly, or those with back or neck problems. And there are no wheel chair accommodations or provisions for service animals.
Ages 4 and up
Why We Love It -  Perfect for those who want to get away from the crowds. It starts with a coastal tour and amazing rock formations where lava meets the ocean, then snorkel 4 locations including La Perouse and Molokini's back wall which drops off to over 200'! 

The ultimate snorkel and rafting adventure!

Dolphins, turtles, sea caves, remote snorkeling sights including La Perouse Bay and up to 3 Molokini snorkel spots including the backside of Molokini. Trip includes breakfast, lunch, beverages and snorkel gear.

Sea Caves Along Kanaio Coast & Molokini Snorkel Adventure
Dolphins, sea turtles, sea caves, remote snorkeling and up to 3 Molokini snorkel spots including the backside of Molokini. Trip includes breakfast (consisting of individually wrapped muffin and assorted fruit cups), lunch (individually wrapped ham and cheese, or turkey and cheese croissants and nut free chocolate chip cookie, water and hawaiian juices. Vegan or gluten free option available if requested in advance), beverages and snorkel gear.

The Kanaio Sea Caves... Passengers can expect a rare treat as they tour along Maui's Gold Coast past Wailea and Makena to a remote and inaccessible coastline with spectacular views of the slopes of Mt. Haleakala. About 200 years ago at Kanaio, molten lava exploded from a side vent and poured into the ocean forming incredible lava arches, grottos and sea caves. Photographers will delight with the array of unique formations that await at every turn.

Dolphins Dead Ahead!... Following Kanaio, you will cruise to the protected waters of La Perouse Bay, frequently encountering a pod of spinner dolphins , including babies, along the way or in the bay itself. Named for their acrobatics, these playful mammals will frolic in the wave produced by our boat sometimes only a few feet from the bow!

On many occasions, our snorkelers have been approached by dolphins while in the water. This experience has been described as spiritual and is a visual and auditory experience that one never forgets.

A continental breakfast (consisting of individually wrapped muffin and assorted fruit cups) is served around this time and a remote snorkeling site may be offered (time and conditions permitting) such as the La Perouse Pinnacle which is teaming with fish.

Molokini Crater... After departing La Perouse Bay, you'll head for Molokini, a short 20 minute ride from the bay. There we will generally offer up to three unique sites including the inside rim, the outer reef and the back side of the crater. By this time of the day conditions at Molokini are generally calm and most of the bigger boats have departed or are departing leaving plenty of room for uncrowded snorkeling.

Drift snorkeling the outer reef... is one of the many highlights of this tour. Imagine snorkeling one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world drifting gently along with the current as your boat follows near by for your safety. Glide past a variety of butterfly fish, wrasses, black and pink tailed durgeons, all posing against a backdrop of beautiful coral only 3 feet below ... truly a photographers dream!

For an exciting panoramic view, venture over to the edge to witness an awesome 200 ft. drop. It's like looking off the edge of the world!

Back Side... (optional site) Time and conditions permitting, another drift snorkel may be offered on the back side of Molokini, a favored dive site for advanced scuba divers. The depth here is about 300ft. but the lighting and the view of the vertical wall of rock, coral and fish is phenomenal. This site may also be offered as an alternative to the inside under certain sea conditions.

Turtlely Cool!... Departing Molokini, we make one more stop in Makena where we serve lunch (individually wrapped ham and cheese, or turkey and cheese croissants and nut free chocolate chip cookie, water and hawaiian juices.
Vegan or gluten free option available when requested at time of booking), and snorkel with sea turtles and spotted eagle rays near pristine lava fingers. these turtles, although endangered and protected, are accustomed to seeing snorkelers and do not mind being photographed as they surface for air just a few feet away.

The variety of scenery and wildlife encountered both above the surface and below truly make this tour one of the most comprehensive snorkeling adventures available on Maui.
Time 7:00 am
Please check in 30 minutes prior to departure.
Duration 5.5 hours
Location Kihei Boat Ramp

Please view the cancellation policy and restrictions. You can find addition information in frequently asked questions

Cancellation Policy

100% refundable if cancelled at least 48 hours before check-in. Changes or cancellations should be made through the modify or cancel buttons on your booking confirmation.

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No pregnant passengers or those with back or neck problems. No Children under 4 years of age; adult supervision required for those under 12. No wheel chair accommodations or service animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Accommodate People With Disabilities?
Unfortunately this may not be the tour for you. We can't accommodate pregnant passengers, fragile elderly, or those with back or neck problems. And there are no wheel chair accommodations or provisions for service animals.

What Kind Of Rafts Do You Use?
Our fast, stable, unsinkable, rigid hulled, inflatable boats are all powered with environmentally friendly, smoke free, twin Honda 4 stroke 225 HP outboard motors. CLOUD IX is a 27? ALMAR RAIV carrying up to 24 passengers KANALOA and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, are 30? ALMAR RAIVs also carrying up to 24 passengers. Parties wishing to guarantee a particular boat may opt for a private charter. All boats have easy boarding ladders and are approx. 60% shaded by canopies.

Is There A Minimum Age Requirement?
Child age limit: 4 years minimum. (adult supervision required under 12) Children under 4 years may be accommodated on Private Charters (no infants).

What Is Your Policy Regarding Weather?
Tours depart rain or shine. Inclement weather conditions are usually temporary and rain gear is provided. Cancellations due to weather are extremely uncommon and all parties are instructed to appear at the boat ramp no matter what the weather seems to them.These tours are best reserved for those who are adventurous in spirit and in reasonably good physical condition. Destinations are weather permitting and alternate sites may be chosen. However, it is rare for us not to reach our destination whether it be Molokini or Kanaio. If the captain deems the conditions to be unsafe for departure, a full refund will apply. No shows are non-refundable.

Is Breakfast and/or Lunch Included?
On tours less than 3 hours, only beverages are included. For longer tours, lunch is deli style consisting turkey and roast beef, veggies & dip, cheddar and Swiss cheeses, whole wheat buns, and condiments with a delicious homemade style chocolate chip cookie. Beverages are Hawaiian fruit juices and bottled water. Breakfast on the Kanaio/ Molokini consists of assorted fresh island fruit, muffins, Hawaiian fruit juices, and bottled water. Kanaio Coast Tour has a fruit and beverage break between sightseeing and snorkeling.PLEASE NOTE: No alcohol allowed on board.


Review Summary
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- Sep 2019 -


Blue water has the other Molokini snorkel companies beat because they take you to multiple snorkel spots, and the trips are so much faster. They also take you to the south shore and tell you all about the lava flows on Maui. We had a great time and Captain Larry was awesome. I’ve done the open bar catamaran tour and the zodiac tour, and the zodiac tour was much better, more activities, more to see, and more destination time I stead of travel time.

- Sep 2019 -


We did the 2 hour Express Molokini Snorkel trip with Captain Tim and Spencer. They were a lot of fun and answered every question. They are very knowledgeable about the area. This is by far the best way to snorkel Molokini!!! After a fast, fun ride out, you arrive at the reef to find it all to yourselves as the big boats have all returned to the docks. You have plenty of time to drift along and take it all in. I was even lucky enough to spot an octopus at the end of the swim.

- Jul 2019 -


We've been living on Maui for a few months now and finally got around to booking a Molokini snorkeling trip. We wanted a fairly small group tour with some scenery, too, in case one of us didn't feel like snorkeling the whole time. This was the perfect trip. First, Brian and Captain Larry were great. Both were personable and helpful. Captain Larry had great knowledge and a great musical playlist. :) The first stop to see the lava formations and watch the water break over them and in and out of caves and archways was breathtaking. We had a 15-minute stop on the backside of Molokini which was uncrowded and calm, then moved to the front side away from the big crowds and found plenty of sights. For our last sightseeing stop we were in murkier water in terms of reef and fish viewing, but saw plenty of turtles. Breakfast was fresh fruit and muffins, lunch was a build-your-own sandwich "bar" and yummy cookies. Water and juices available, too. There's dry storage for your gear and they provide fins, masks and snorkels, although note if you need corrective lenses there was only one such mask on our boat. I wear glasses but found the regular mask worked fine in the clear water off Molokini and later I was able to see and follow turtles with no problems. As awesome as this trip was, if you're looking for a leisure cruise, book something else. The rafting aspect made this an adventure, which is just what we wanted. But there is a reason they do not let people with back problems or women who are pregnant get on the boat. If you are someone who is easily seasick, this is also not the trip for you. But if you like your tours a little rugged and a whole lot of fun, sign up. I will definitely recommend this tour to people visiting us. My only nit is in the directions, because it made us a bit late to check-in. At some point Route 310 ends, and you have to turn right onto Route 31. *This* is where you will find mile marker 9 and your turn. I think we'll probably book another trip with these guys when it's whale watching season. I can't wait!


Nancy A.

Joe and Tallon were fantastic. We did the 5 hour tour and they were wonderful. I have been on around 15 different snorkeling trips in Maui through the...


Christian H.

If I could give six stars I would. We took the 5 1/2 hour Kanaio Coast & Molokini tour, with Mark and Darren leading it. I wasn't expecting such an...


Francis M.

We chose the "Molokini Express" which was a fun adventure for my wife, 7-year old daughter, and me. The water was clear and there were lots of fish to see....