Best Ziplining in Maui

We want you to love Maui as much as we do, so we partnered with a number of tours and excursions to provide you the best experience. We may make money when you click on the links.

Ziplining in Maui is not only an adventure, it's one of the most popular tourist activities for adventure travelers and families. There are several different zipline courses on Maui to choose from that offer an array of experiences, in diverse microclimates. You can’t go wrong with any of the zipline tours on Maui, so to help you narrow down your choices and find the experience just right for you, below you’ll find our list of the Best Ziplining on Maui to help you choose the adventure of your dreams. 

Reminder: Hawaiian culture emphasizes the interconnectedness of its people to the land and animals as essential to their spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. So to truly embrace the spirit of aloha and respect the Native Hawaiians, you must give the utmost reverence to the land by keeping your carbon footprint low and leaving the natural environment in the same, if not better, condition you found it in. One of the best ways to enjoy the aina (land) and observe the natural habitat of several endemic plant and animal species is by booking an eco-friendly Maui zipline tour. 

Best Maui Ziplines

  • Northshore Zipline - Best overall
  • Skyline Eco-Adventures - Best for seeing Haleakala Crater
  • Kapalua Ziplines - Largest and only dual zipline
  • Flyin Hawaiian - Longest ziplines 

Northshore Zipline

Located 25 miles north of Kahului Airport in Haiku is Northshore Zipline, a family owned and operated zipline company located on the historic World War II landmark site, “Camp Maui.” This thrilling zipline course combines history and adventure as you freestyle zip through the air on seven different ziplines that run over a lush canopy of massive Eucalyptus trees, aerial platforms, suspension bridges and giant towers intertwined with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Maui’s north shore. The electrifying zipline course is only one part of what makes Northshore Zipline Company so unique. Thanks to the resident exhibit at their “Camp Maui WWII Museum,” you and your family will learn the historical significance of the “Maui Marines” and Fourth Marine Division, also known as the “Fighting Fourth Division,” the most highly decorated marine division of the war whose headquarters were right on the premises from 1943 to 1945. Extraordinary stories of Maui and American history are brought to life through videos, photographs and WWII military vehicles. You are certain to walk away from this zipline adventure with a sense of accomplishment, pride and nostalgia. 

Skyline Eco-Adventures

For more than 20 years, Skyline Eco-Adventures has been the picture of eco-tourism at its finest. As the first zipline company in the United States, they have honed their guest experiences to an artform. From jungle ziplines that soar over 90 foot drops in the verdant rainforests to magnificent sunrises at the top of Haleakala Crater, Skyline Eco-Adventures keeps conservation of the phenomenal natural environment in Hawaii at the top of their priorities. With the most skilled team of guides on Maui, guests will receive a day of thrilling adventures, communion with nature and hands-on education about Hawaiian culture and history. You can choose from an 8-line zipline tour on the western shores of Ka’anapali or a 5-line zipline and sunrise tour of Haleakala National Park. Skyline prides themselves on being conservationists at heart, and according to their website, “since 2002, have planted over 18,000 native trees, hosted hundreds of community reforestation and ocean cleanup events, and given over $1.7 million to environmental and community nonprofits.” They are a carbon-neutral company, and were the first zipline operator in the world to join 1% for the Planet—a group of businesses committed to giving at least 1% of all sales back to environmental conservation. When you book with Skyline Eco-Adventures, you’ll be giving back to the environment and the Native people of Hawaii while having the time of your life.  

Kapalua Ziplines

If you’ve got a streak of friendly competition coursing through your veins, Kapalua Ziplines may be just the adventure for you! Home to Maui’s largest and only dual zipline, you can race your loved ones at exhilarating speeds across more than 8,000 feet of zips. You’ll take in spectacular views of the tropical slopes of the West Maui Mountains and Pacific Ocean before rounding out your day with a thrilling ATV ride. You and your family can choose from a 4 or 6 line course. On the 4-line course, you’ll fly across 5,350 feet of ziplines above a bamboo forest and breathtaking ocean views. For the 6-line course, you’ll race at top speeds across 8,500 feet of zips over the most incredible panoramic views of Maui before closing with an exhilarating rainforest ATV ride. Kapalua Ziplines has Maui’s longest suspension bridge, however, check their website to see if it’s open, as it was undergoing maintenance as of September 2022.

Flyin Hawaiian

Centrally located in the West Maui Mountains at Maui Tropical Plantation in Wailuku, Flyin Hawaiian ziplines offer the longest ziplines with unsurpassed views of North and South Maui as well as Haleakala Volcano. You’ll begin your tour with a 4x4 ride to the scenic center of Waikapu Valley. From there you’ll be strapped into state-of-the-art gear before zipping across eight ziplines that range from 250 feet to 3,600 feet. You’ll soar above 9 valleys and 11 ridges while your expert guides keep you safe and educate you about the history and culture of Maui. An ecological highlight of your day is stopping on the course to give back to the aina (land) as you plant rare, native plants before continuing to sail past the diverse microclimates, from deserts to tropical rainforests, that are wholly unique to the majesty Maui. The act of planting endemic plants not only helps to keep the health of the unique Maui ecosystem thriving, but is a fantastic way to honor the reverence Native Hawaiians feel toward the land and our collective roles in protecting it. You’ll finish your zipline adventure with an ATV tour down the mountain from Ma’alaea. As you return to Maui Tropical Plantation, you can celebrate your accomplishments of conquering one of the most thrilling zipline courses on Maui with the knowledge that you’ve given back to the land for future generations to come. 

Piiholo Ranch

Piiholo Ranch was once home to two 5-line zipline courses in the upcountry Maui cowboy town of Makawao. Their harnesses were made from modified paragliding harnesses to offer absolute comfort. Each zipline also had breaker boxes secured to the ends of them to gradually slow your speeds and ensure a soft landing. They had a series of 48’ launching towers, stairs and suspension bridges to traverse across the course. Unfortunately, Piiholo Ranch’s zipline course is closed and they are no longer offering tours. 

Maui Ziplining FAQ’s

What is the longest zipline in Maui?

Flyin Hawaiian has the longest ziplines in Maui, and all of Hawaii for that matter! With one monstrous zipline stretching 3,600 feet, they also boast ziplines with the highest elevation from the valley floor, at a towering 600 feet above the ground. Flyin Hawaiian is truly for the adventure traveler looking for an exhilarating thrill ride on their holiday.

Is ziplining on Maui worth it?

Absolutely! Ziplining through the incredible jungles and diverse microclimates on Maui is one of the most popular tourist activities for adventure travelers and families alike. Ziplining is a mainstay of Maui’s ecotourism and is one of the most eco-friendly activities a conscious traveler can engage in, which is why we think every Maui visitor should. Ecotourism increases awareness and respect for the local Hawaiian culture, which emphasizes spiritual connectedness between the people, the land and the animals. When you zipline, you’ll observe nature from a brand new vantage point while going at top speeds that make you feel like you’re flying. So not only are you having the time of your life, but you’ll be giving back to something much greater than yourself and leaving with a deeper understanding of these magical Hawaiian islands and their people. 

How old do you have to be to zipline on Maui?

Each tour company adheres to their own age restrictions and guidelines, but some Maui zipline tours allow children as young as 5 years old to participate in the zipline tour with their families. Generally speaking, ziplining is a great activity suitable for families with preteens and teens. If participants under age 10 are eligible to join the fun, they are required to have an adult zipping with them. Children ages 11-18 are usually welcome to zip without an adult companion, as long as a responsible adult remains on the property for the duration of the tour. It’s a good idea to check directly with the company you want to book with to see if your child is old enough and meets their requirements to join in the adventure.

How much does it cost to zipline on Maui?

Maui zipline tours tend to range from $130 to $250. Each zipline company has their own rates based on the duration and length of the zipline tour. While some tours are short, others are full day events, and the fees often reflect the comprehensiveness of the tour’s offering. It’s best to check directly with the company you want to book with to see what their rates are. Sometimes you can find good rates by booking tours through your hotel concierge or checking if there are any online specials for the tour you’re interested in.

Have you been ziplinging in Maui? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.  

After many years of nomadically bouncing around the world as a yoga instructor (From Nebraska to DC to London to Chicago to New York to Thailand to Maldives to Martha’s Vineyard to Abu Dhabi), I landed in Hawaii 7 years ago. I spent my first two years on Lana’i, but I knew my heart belonged in Maui, so we moved in early 2018 before the birth of our son to lay our official roots. I love the year-round tropical weather and unparalleled aloha spirit from my friends and neighbors. In my free time you can find me practicing yoga near the ocean, spending time with my family on the beach and submerging in the icy cold waters of Iao Valley. Maui is a culturally rich island with beauty at every turn, which makes living and raising my child here an honor.

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