Breakfast on Maui

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I’m a fan of a big breakfast, especially when on vacation. I’ve got four suggestions for tourists in Kihei/Wailea, one in Lahaina, and one in Paia (on the north shore, a perfect stop on the road to Hana). First, a proviso:  I am a simple guy, two eggs over medium, very crispy bacon, an occasional plain pancake, and a cup of coffee.  

  1. Piko Cafe -  located in a corner of the Long’s Mall. I like it because they have a good pancake to go with my eggs and crispy bacon.  The service is friendly and the portions are big.  The coffee is ok. Seating is indoors only, and there are limited tables.  It’s a low-key place, but a good one to start the day’s tourist activities.
  2. Kihei Caffe - located across from Kalama Park.  This place is wildly popular among tourists.  There is often a line for ordering. There is only outdoor seating.  The food is ample and the coffee is ok.  There is a big menu, and they make a fuss about their banana-macadamia nut pancakes.  It’s a hip place, easy to make friends, and is a favorite of the surfing crowd.
  3. 5 Palms - located in the Mana Kai Maui resort right next to Keawakapu beach.  This is an upscale place, more pricey than the others...but worth a visit.  Seating is wonderful, next to a long and sandy beach.  Eggs Benedict with Canadian ham is very good.  Activities on the beautiful beach can make the dining experience that much more enjoyable. This is the kind of restaurant that tourists will remember when they get back home.
  4. Akamai Wailea - located at Wailea Village.  Akamai coffee is the best on the island, or so I am told.  The menu here is not extensive, but I tried the smoked salmon and cream cheese on toast, and loved it. There is comfortable outdoor seating, overlooking a golf course and lots of banter among the patrons.  It has the feel of a place to see and be seen in beautiful Wailea. Akamai also has a smaller location in Kihei with a very limited food menu but lovely air conditioned place to relax (no wifi though!).
  5. Mala Ocean Tavern - located near the cannery in Lahaina. This is a knockout place to have the Maui tourist experience.  It is literally on the water, with sandbags separating the patrons from the deep blue.  Food is great, featuring a variety of eggs benedict as well as the standard fare.  Service is also very good.  Were I to propose to my spouse again, this would be the place to do it.
  6. Better Things - in the quaint town of Paia on the north shore. This is a new, hip and very comfortable coffee shop offering a surprisingly good breakfast menu. Although outside my traditional qualifications mentioned at the start of this article, the avocado toast with egg is the best I’ve had on island. This is a great stop on your way out to Hana or before exploring the upcountry area.

Some final thoughts, it might be good to reserve at 5 Palms and at Mala’s.  Both are open from morning till night, with extensive dinner menus. They also serve breakfast cocktails, which can give the day’s activities a kickstart. Suffice it that at any of the places I have mentioned, you will leave well-fed, and in some cases, thinking that the angels of Maui are singing in heaven.

My wife and I have been on the island for almost a year. We?ve had lots of experiences, some of which we?d like to share with you. It has been a rough ride, but activities and dining have started to return. We have no agenda, merely the hope that our impressions can help other seniors to enjoy their time on Maui.

Frank H.