6 Reasons You Should Zipline on Maui

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Ziplines are a mainstay of eco-tourism in some of the most exotic locations on Earth, so it’s no surprise that Maui is one of the best places to experience a zipline adventure. Ziplining through the incredible jungles and diverse microclimates on Maui is one of the most popular tourist activities for adventure travelers and families. At face value it may seem like booking a zipline tour is an exciting excursion on your vacation (which it is!), but it’s important to remember just how complementary this activity is with respect to Hawaiian culture. Hawaii is home to over a million residents and several endemic plants and animals that are only found in these islands. Hawaiian culture emphasizes the integral connectedness of its people to the land and animals as essential to their spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing, so to respect the local culture and truly embrace the spirit of aloha, you must also give the utmost consideration to the land by keeping your carbon footprint low and leaving the natural environment in the same, if not better, condition you found it in. One of the best ways to enjoy the ‘aina and observe the natural habitat of several plant and animal species is by booking an eco-friendly zipline tour on Maui.

Below are our top 6 Reasons why you should zipline on Maui.

1. Ecotourism is Low-impact on the Environment

Ziplining is part of ecotourism, which is defined as, “tourism to places having unspoiled natural resources, with minimal impact on the environment being a primary concern.” Because of the low-impact ziplining has on the environment, you’re able to observe many rare plants and animals that are endemic to Maui without disrupting their habitat. Ecotourism also increases awareness and respect for the local Hawaiian culture, which emphasizes spiritual connectedness between the people, the land and the animals.

2. Ziplining is Secure and Comfortable

If heights are not your thing, then you may feel reluctant about booking a zipline adventure, but fear not, it’s a very safe and easy activity. Zipline cables can easily support body weights between 60-265 lbs. You’ll be securely attached to the cables with expert guides by your side the entire time to ensure that you're happy, safe and supported.

3. You’ll See Things from a New Perspective

Where else can you gain an aerial panoramic view of dense rainforests and open ocean while sliding above some of the highest heights you’ve encountered? When you zipline, you’ll observe nature from a brand new vantage point while going at top speeds that make you feel like you’re flying. Talk about a new way to commune with nature!

4. A Great Excuse to Get Out in the Great Outdoors

Perhaps you work in an office many hours of your week or live in an area where recreationally going outside is limited to a few pleasant months a year. While ziplining on Maui, you can trade in your office’s recycled atmosphere and breathe in an abundance of fresh air as you glide above the canopy. You’ll revel in some of nature’s finest gifts by soaring high over the slopes of the Haleakala Volcano, dangling your feet over a deep blue ocean near the West Maui Mountains, swooping past the picturesque gardens at Maui Tropical Plantation, and flying like a bird over lush treetops in upcountry Maui. 

5. You’ll Burn Calories

Although it may seem like you’re just passively gliding above the trees, ziplining can actually be a moderate cardiovascular workout. You’ll be walking, climbing stairs and possibly traversing suspension bridges to get to your zipline location.  All of this on a warm day in Maui is sure to complete all three rings on your Apple Watch for the day, and definitely justifies your evening Mai Tai at the pool.

6. Ziplining is a Rewarding Experience

Ziplining can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride. You may face some physical and mental challenges that you’ll have to get around, and possibly address some deep-seeded fears head on (especially if you have a fear of heights). As you learn to trust not only in your guides but most importantly, to trust in yourself, you’ll literally let go and surrender to gravity, finishing your tour with a deep sense of triumph and glory.

Why did you choose to zipline on your vacation? Was it worth it? Let us know in the comments. 

After many years of nomadically bouncing around the world as a yoga instructor (From Nebraska to DC to London to Chicago to New York to Thailand to Maldives to Martha’s Vineyard to Abu Dhabi), I landed in Hawaii 7 years ago. I spent my first two years on Lana’i, but I knew my heart belonged in Maui, so we moved in early 2018 before the birth of our son to lay our official roots. I love the year-round tropical weather and unparalleled aloha spirit from my friends and neighbors. In my free time you can find me practicing yoga near the ocean, spending time with my family on the beach and submerging in the icy cold waters of Iao Valley. Maui is a culturally rich island with beauty at every turn, which makes living and raising my child here an honor.

Becca Coren